Why So Tired, Sports Fans?

4 years ago


by Trevor Waddington, DCschoolHUB Founder Why do championship games start so late? I’ve wondered aloud for years. I always assumed it was driven by advertising revenue (money). This hunch was validated after some research. In fact, the following article literally addressed my questions: Why start so late? What about the kids? Why not start weekend games earlier in the day? While I understand that the almighty dollar rules all, I have to question the overall affect it has on this generation of kids. Since they can’t watch most of the game, following their favorite team or player means hoping to catch a 30 second highlight on a 60 minute show dominated by 50 different sports analysts breaking down if Draymond Green meant to hit LeBron James in the king’s royal family jewels. Recently, Montgomery County Maryland moved start times back to accommodate students coming to schools sleep deprived. Talk about enabling kids who stay up late. How about you go to bed sooner!?! If they are up until 12 PM watching their favorite team that’s hard to do. Especially if they are catching the bus at 6:22 AM. Maybe they did it in anticipation of the Washington Nationals being perennial National League champions playing the World Series year after year. My biggest beef is weekend games starting so late. While I’m a big fan of kids being active (preferably outside), I have a soft spot for spending time on the couch with family. Some of my fondest memories from this time of year are watching the final round of the US Open Golf Championship and the Kentucky Derby with my dad and brothers. The best part about it was the mentioned events were over by 7 PM. At the end of the day sports are a distraction, but an important one for so many. It has the ability to bring people together and show kids the importance of hard work and dedication that’s difficult to realize in a 30 second clip because they were sound asleep when the final buzzer sounded.


Written by DC School HUB

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