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The Educational Benefits Of Having A Pen Pal

Teenagers and young adults send 2,022 text messages on average per month on their smartphone. As social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook gain popularity, writing a letter becomes more meaningful. Pen palling is both an educational tool and hands-on activity that can inspire students. When students have a pen pal, it provides them with an opportunity to learn about other cultures, network and establish a friendship versus sending a quick text.

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As more schools adapt to developing a learner-driven curriculum, pen palling can help shape the way students across grade levels learn in the classroom. High school in particular, is where students are active in vocalizing what they want to study and how they will benefit from academic challenge. Pen palling falls under an experiential category, where they can learn more about the country or the world through someone else. It can fall in line with the curriculum. Recent studies over the past years focus on frequent non-personal communication trends in America. Sending emails and text messages have become more commonly used across the country. Since 2014, more than 70% of people communicate via text and emails. There is less and less face to face communication.

The Art Of Writing A Letter

There is much appreciation for writing between pen pals. Compared to adults, teenagers do not receive the same amount of mail every day. Therefore, students will be looking forward to hearing from their pen pal. Depending on the level of communication and the number of letters students plan on sending, look into cost-saving tools online. For example, learn to print stamps online instead of waiting in line at the post office. The USPS postage program will guide you, step-by-step to find the stamps you are looking for. In addition to postage get your creative juices flowing by personalizing your letter. If you and your pen pal enjoy food, find ways to create a theme. Whether it’s stationary, color of pen, or type font, there are plenty of ways to style it the way you’d like.

There Is More Value In Sending A Letter Vs. Sending A Text

Today, the future of writing letters is uncertain as users become more technologically savvy and the country becomes technologically driven. Sending traditional mail has been tremendously important in American history. It has affected pen palling as well, though it differs from sending out a regular letter. Writing letters were the only way to communicate in the pre-digital era. Educational benefits of pen palling for students include understanding how immigrants have migrated across the country using forms of letter writing to communicate prior to developments in technology. Letters are a reflection of American history, particularly during the war, which can be a great tool for the curriculum.

Why is pen palling important? It can serve as a meaningful lesson with a purpose that is beneficial to the student, teacher and pen palling participant.

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