The DMV Private School Playbook

The Private School Playbook

If it's time to start looking for an independent/private school in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, you are in luck!

The DMV has a rich history and wide scope of educational opportunities. But the process can be daunting.

- When should I start?
- How many schools should I apply to?
- What is best for my child?
- Can I observe a classroom?
- What testing is required?

Susan Amabile and Trevor Waddington have teamed up to create this comprehensive playbook to cover everything you need to know from A--->Z.

Susan is a world-class educational consultant who heads The Educated Applicant. She has helped countless families through the stress and anxiety inherent in choosing the right school.

Trevor is a former admission director here in the DMV and the Founder of

Together, they will ensure you make it through the process with clarity and confidence.

If you are ready to start this journey. Let's get started!

Here's sneak peek at the course outline.