PC Holiday Hoopla

4 years ago


by Ned the Noodge, The DC area's premiere pain in the butt when it comes to private school nonsense

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Merry Christmas!!  That's right.  I said it.  Merry Christmas!!! One great thing about working in a Christian school is that you don't have to say Merry Chris....I mean happy holidays.  You don't have to feel bad about putting a little holiday cheer up in your office space with a wreath made of pretzels your son made in 2nd grade seventeen years ago.  (I wouldn't advise eating it even in an emergency).  But over the past few years even Christian schools have had to bend to political correctness.  Last year we had a hot debate as to whether our "holiday" card would say happy holidays or Merry Christmas.  The debate raged on as we decided whether it would be an e-card or a paper card mailed to community members' homes.  I'm all for going green, but there's nothing like hanging the Christmas cards above the fire place. I don't think I'm being insensitive to others.  According to internet and several Jewish websites, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are the two most important holidays, not Hanukkah.  Heck, one of my colleagues who works at a Jewish school basically says the only reason Hanukkah is a big deal is to combat the glutenous gift-giving experience that Christmas has become.  Even Kwanzaa was invented to be an ""oppositional alternative" to Christmas".  And that's according to it's founder, Maulana Karenga. The fact is, Christmas, in its purest form, is the most festive holiday in the Christian faith.  (Easter is probably a bigger deal in the grand scheme of things, but birth > death).  So please let us have our Christmas parties and allow us to wear terrible Christmas sweaters to school without having to feel bad because our terrible fashion sense doesn't mesh with your personal beliefs.    


Written by DC School HUB

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