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Trinity School at Meadow View is a classically based Christian school offering a rigorous humanities curriculum, advanced STEM classes and performance based arts. All students follow one, balanced curriculum that enables them to develop the intellectual habits they need for a lifetime of discovering truth, practicing goodness and creating beauty. Our community of learners is coed, but our classes are single sex, with no more than 20 students per classroom. This maximizes the ability of the individual student to learn well and to develop good friendships. Ours is also an ecumenical Christian culture marked by daily prayer and a moral order deeply rooted in Scripture and Christian tradition. Our ecumenism is a sign of Christian unity and one vital source of our common mission to serve God and our neighbors.

Basic facts

  • Available Spots:  We have spots in grades 7-12.
  • Age Range:  Grades 7-12
  • Years Established:   1998
  • Enrollment:  150
  • Average Class Size:  12
  • Tuition:  $16,900 - $23,150
  • Who you serve:  All-girl, All-boy, Co-ed, Christian, Day/Boarding, High School, Middle School
  • Mission/Philosophy:  

    The mission of Trinity Schools is to impart basic ordered knowledge about the world and to train students in basic intellectual skills and qualities of mind so that they might be of use to God in the wise care and governance of his creation and in the building of his kingdom. We accomplish this by establishing a culture marked by the discovery of truth, the practice of goodness, the creation of beauty, and the development of intellectual and aesthetic habits of mind. Trinity School is a community of learners characterized by the rigorous exploration of reality, the free and disciplined exchange of ideas, and active participation in the fine arts.

  • Available Hours:  8 a.m to 3 p.m.

Contact Details

  • Address: 2849 Meadow View Rd, Falls Church, VA 22042, USA
  • Zip Code: 22042

  • Phone: 703-629-9932

  • Website:

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