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Founded with a deep respect for childhood, The Langley School believes that the balance of academic rigor and a strong social-emotional learning (SEL) program furthers student success. Our academic curriculum – when paired with our custom SEL program – builds students’ intellect, self-awareness, confidence, and character in equal measure. Since 1942, our program has shaped kind, thoughtful, inquisitive learners who are prepared to thrive in the nation’s top high schools and beyond.

*Inquiry-based program reflects the latest research on how to engage students most effectively, inspiring them to ask meaningful, necessary questions and harness their learning to explore creative answers

*Rigorous, engaging academic programs, including Spanish starting in preschool and hands-on STEAM classes starting in kindergarten

*Leadership experiences at every grade level, with eighth-graders serving as top role models and leaders

*Strong visual arts, music, and drama programs for all grades, with band, strings, and formal drama instruction beginning in grade 4

*Public speaking opportunities starting in preschool

*Meaningful service learning and field trips, with overnight trips for grades 5-8

*Wide variety of team sports for grades 5-8, plus fun and challenging P.E. programs for all students

*Beautiful 9.2-acre campus, including state-of-the-art Middle School building, arts center, and turf field

*Outdoor gardens that also serve as classrooms and a "Classroom in the Sky" with a "green" roof

*7:1 student/teacher ratio

*Bus service and extended day programs available

Basic facts

  • Age Range:  Preschool-Grade 8
  • Years Established:   1942
  • Enrollment:  480
  • Average Class Size:  15-18
  • Tuition:  $18,600 - $40,900
  • Who you serve:  Co-ed, Elementary, Middle School, Preschool
  • Mission/Philosophy:  

    We believe that each child’s potential is boundless and every child can act with integrity, generosity, and consideration for others. We reach across multiple disciplines to discover, amplify, and embrace the talents of every child, every day. By nurturing, supporting, and academically challenging our students, our inclusive community builds quietly confident, independent thinkers who flourish as learners and individuals.

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  1. I cannot sing enough praises about The Langley School. It is a great school that not only educates the mind, but nurtures the spirit, encourages kindness, and creates independent thinkers.

  2. We are in the middle of our third year at Langley, having started when my oldest child entered Kindergarten. We LOVE the school. Though we live in a county that has good schools, we chose Langley for its smaller class sizes, engaged faculty and staff, and focus on building emotional intelligence alongside strong academics. In addition, we got the sense that our local school district was really struggling to maintain standards in light of serious budget constraints and regulations relating to standardized testing. I had very little faith that my daughter would get through elementary school without those challenges effecting the quality of her education. At Langley, the Head of School and Board of Trustees have a strategic vision for the school that is formulated with parent input and revisited regularly. There is an attitude of continually seeking to improve upon the model and the teachers and staff are given lots of training and exposure to the latest and greatest research about how children learn and how best to strengthen the community of learners. One initial concern we had in sending our child to private school was the diversity of the community. Happily, we have found the student body (and parent group) to be at least as diverse – if not more so – than public schools in our area. Finally, and most importantly, our daughter loves going to school, is learning (not just memorizing), gets individualized attention and support and has made wonderful friends (as have we as parents).

  3. This is our third year at Langley and we have 2 daughters. This school has exceeded our expectations in nearly every way. While we had initially chosen this school for the smaller class size, this school offers so much more than we ever had access to in FFX county public schools. The teachers, faculty and Head of School really are experts on child development for PK-8th grade, and truly partner with parents in giving their students the best academic and emotional support a child could need. These children are not only developing academically, they are receiving guidance on their behavior and social development as well. They really nurture the WHOLE child at this school, and our family has loved this experience.

  4. I have a son in Kindergarten and a daughter in JK and this is our second year at Langley. I have been so impressed with the quality of the teaching, the level of parental involvement in the school community, and the resources available to families. The small class sizes were the key reason we came to this school but we have since discovered that this is just one of the many areas where Langley excels. Our children have two highly qualified teachers in classes of 14-16 kids, vs. 25-30 kids with one qualified teacher in our neighborhood school. They also have reading and math specialists, phenomenal music and PE teachers, language specialists, and so much more. The relatively new Head of School has brought a great energy and sense of teamwork to Langley. We really enjoy the interaction with faculty and other families and the close-knit feeling of the entire school community. Our kids are truly excited about learning, they feel safe and confident in their environment, and they love to go to school every day. We can’t recommend this school highly enough!

  5. My son joined The Langley School in Junior Kindergarten and is now in Kindergarten. I am so impressed by how the school creates this amazingly joyful community (one that I haven’t seen anywhere else), yet still strives for a high level of academic achievement. My son has developed a love for composers, loves to paint, has made great friends, asks impressive questions, brings his science experiments home for us to recreate, and so much more. The teachers are responsive, loving and so committed. We’re having a great year.

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