Julia Brown Schools – Olney

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Julia Brown Schools – Olney 5

Julia Brown Schools Olney location serves children ages 18 months - grade 3.

Basic facts

  • Available Spots:  rolling enrollment for all age groups
  • Age Range:  Age 18 months - Third Grade
  • Years Established:   1967
  • Who you serve:  Co-ed, Elementary, Montessori, Preschool
  • Name of Care Center or Person':  Ms. Lignelli
  • Available Hours:  7 AM - 6:30 PM

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    Our child has attended JBMS for over a year and for the price we couldn’t be happier. She loves her friends and most teachers. There are some that seem a bit underqualified, but we get it and it’s only in the afternoons.

    The executive staff treats parents like kings and queens. She knows EVERYONE (parent and student) and is loved by all.

    If you life in Olney and understand the advantage a Montessori education you should see if they still have any openings this fall.

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    Love, love, love Julia Brown. AKA JBMS. They are so warm and kind and the directoresses knew my children inside and out. They provide a practical education. I mean what school teaches kids to fold laundry?!? You may think it’s silly, but the Montessori approach is fantastic!!!

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