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The Cathay School, formally Washington Cathay Future Center (WCFC) is an internationally recognized educational center with year round programs, early childhood, afterschool, seasonal camps, and more for children and families. Our aim is to cultivate students’ artistic expression, intellectual development, cultural identity and leadership potential.

Basic facts

  • Available Spots:  9/9/19 We have 2 spots in toddlers (2s), 4 spots in preschool (3s), 4 spots in prekindergarten (4s)
  • Age Range:  2yrs - 12yrs
  • Years Established:   School established in 2015
  • Average Class Size:  10
  • Who you serve:  Co-ed
  • Mission/Philosophy:  

    At The Cathay School we are committed to promoting artistic expression, we encourage students to express themselves creatively, through art, music, theater, and dance, intellectual development, we challenge students intellectually, helping them develop a passion for life-long learning, leadership potential, we believe firmly in the mission “learning today, leading tomorrow", and culture identity, we celebrate traditional Chinese culture and the various personal stories of our customers.

    Our early childhood program provides an incomparable and quality education taught by knowledgeable staff members. Our greatest desire is to offer a service where the social, emotional, and academic lives of our students have a solid foundation for their latter academic years

  • Available Hours:  7am to 6:30pm

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