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The Bridges Academy is a multi-dimensional program designed to meet the educational, cultural and social needs of the child from the age of two years through the eighth grade, in addition to serving the child care needs of the working parent. Since 1977, students, parents and teachers from nearly 40 different countries have participated in its components – the Pre-School Foundations Division, the Preparatory School, the After-School Enrichment Program, the Summer Fun Camp and the Convention Child Care Service.

Basic facts

    Age Range:  2 years - grade 8
  • Years Established:   1977
  • Mission/Philosophy:  

    With and through the cooperative efforts of parent and teacher – home and school to raise up and support the child, Bridges Academy students are educated with a duality of purpose connecting the pillars of each bridge of knowledge. To Bridge schoolarship and Wisdom – Students are Taught the traditional lessons of history and science, upon which they will be tested and judged in this society. And, they are Enlightened with yet unaccepted contradictions in history and with still unacknowledged contributions of many cultures. Then, they are Empowered with the wisdom of the elders to know when and how to use each.

  • Available Hours:  7:00 am - 6:00 pm

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