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Suburban Nursery School is a parent run, co-operative nursery school in Bethesda, MD joyfully serving 2, 3, and 4 year old children.  Utilizing a play-based approach and small class size, Suburban provides kids and parents a fun and gentle start to the school years, and offers a wonderful opportunity for parents to be a real part of their child's first school experience. Each and every parent participates in their child’s class, and an elected board of parents governs the school. Our program emphasizes personal responsibility and the sensory experiences that help integrate children into the larger world. Our teachers have varied backgrounds and bring to our school an unusual combination of professional education and practical experience. Our curriculum includes music and creative movement, which introduce the children to song, movement, and an expanded repertoire of body awareness.  Each day has a consistent schedule that includes free play, specific projects, story time, snack time, and large muscle play on either the outdoor playground or in our well-equipped “rainy day” room.

Basic facts

  • Available Spots:  (2) openings in our 2-year-old classes and (1) opening in our 3-year old class.
  • Years Established:   1958
  • Enrollment:  54
  • Average Class Size:  Our 2 year old classes have 8-10 children each, while our 3 and 4 year old classes have 18 children each.
  • Tuition:  Tuition varies depending on number of days your child attends and your availability to volunteer in the classroom. See for more information.
  • Who you serve:  Co-ed, Preschool

Contact Details

  • What differentiates your school from all others? 

    Parental participation is the foundation of our co-operative nursery school. At Suburban, parents, teachers and children learn and play together. Parents are an integral part of Suburban. Parents, through their roles as aides in the classroom and volunteers on the Board and various committees, provide a stable, nurturing, supportive school environment.

    We, at Suburban Nursery School, believe that each child is special and unique. They grow, change and mature along a developmental continuum in patterns that are as different as their little thumbprints. At SNS, we strive to provide opportunities for them to develop fully; each, at his or her own individual pace.

    At SNS, we believe that children learn through play. We believe that when children experience a multitude of rich sensory materials, their conceptual understandings will expand. We provide age appropriate materials and activities to help the children explore and expand their world through child-initiated, teacher-supported play.

    We offer the children an atmosphere that encourages self-discovery and motivates active thinking and positive interactions. The children are encouraged to express themselves in appropriate ways. They also have many opportunities to learn to respect the rights of others and thus develop a sense of responsibility for themselves and their friends.

    The goals of SNS are to help children develop social, physical, cognitive and emotional skills as well as encourage their creative expression. These skills will serve them well as they enter the more structured and academically oriented environment of elementary school.

    The Yellowbird (2yr), Bluebird (3yr) and Redbird (4yr) classes naturally differ from one another. The children progress through each successive class, building on the experiences and skills that help prepare them for the transition to kindergarten.

    Most importantly, we want the children to have fun. SNS is a safe, friendly place in which they will grow and develop. We want them to move from class to class and finally to kindergarten with optimism and confidence with regard to themselves and the world around them.

  • Whats one myth about your school thats just not true?  

    Some parents think that the requirements of attending a co-operative preschool will be too onerous. However, SNS offers several levels of participation in the classroom (corresponding with varied tuition fees) to fit the needs of every family. Every family must participate in the management of the school as well, but there are plenty of potential ways to do that--many of which accommodate busy work/life schedules. SNS also offers sibling sitting for a modest fee during the school day so that parents with younger siblings can co-op without the hassle of finding external child care.

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