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Why should your child's education be anything less than transformational? From our youngest students to our 8th graders, St. John's believes in a purposeful education for your child by taking intentional steps to ensure they are challenged to become confident learners, to prepare them for their next steps in both education and life. Our rigorous, research-based academic program, featuring small classes where your child is known and an accelerated curriculum, coupled with our strong belief in faith-based character education and community service, truly is the model for a balanced and transformational education.  Each day, your child will enter an environment of cross-curricular learning, with teachers who work collaboratively to inspire and challenge them. Choosing St. John's means your child will learn the importance of moral character and global citizenship in a safe and nurturing community environment.  Choosing St. John's means your child will be inspired each day. For a personal tour, please contact Doug Perkins, Director of Admissions, at 301-774-6804 or

Basic facts

  • Available Spots:  St. John's Episcopal School is currently accepting applications in all grades for the 2018-2019 school year. Apply today!
  • Age Range:  3 years to 8th grade
  • Years Established:   1961
  • Enrollment:  152
  • Average Class Size:  10-12
  • Tuition:  $10,285-$20,950
  • Who you serve:  Co-ed, Christian, Elementary, Episcopal, Middle School, Preschool

Contact Details

  • Address: 3427 Olney Laytonsville Road Olney, MD 20832
  • Zip Code: 20832

  • Phone: 301-774-6804

  • Website:

  • What differentiates your school from all others? 

    Affirming our religious heritage, we reach out to people of all faiths and backgrounds. Centered around a rich, research-based curriculum, St. John's is a traditional school with many strengths and offerings. In the long-established Episcopal tradition of education, "Students are encouraged to fulfill their unique potential through intellectual, moral, and spiritual challenge."

    From communication to mathematics, from our school community to our role in the global community, from technology to character education, a St. John’s education is focused on preparing our students for whatever the future might bring. Our youngest students learn aspects of Six Traits Writing which is cultivated and expanded upon in later years. Our oldest students apply themselves to earn spots on our service-learning trip to Costa Rica and/or the middle school Model United Nations' experience in New York City. Character and faith continue to be idealistic pillars of the school. The H.E.R.O.E.S.™ Character Education Program gives common language and organizational structure to character development, while our Traits for Success provides guidance and instruction. Throughout, our child-centered program encourages our students to be active participants in their own education and offers leadership opportunities.

  • What kind of student is most successful at your school? 

    Our students have a love of learning which is fostered in everything they do at St. John's. Our teachers nurture and foster that love of learning in a warm and caring environment where every student is known and loved.

  • Why should we choose your school? 

    St. John's believes in a purposeful education for your child by taking intentional steps to ensure they are challenged to become confident learners, and to prepare them for what comes next.

    Our rigorous, research-based academic program, featuring small class size and an accelerated curriculum, coupled with our strong belief in faith-based character education and community service, truly is the model for a balanced and transformational education. Each day, your child will enter an environment of cross-curricular learning, with teachers who work collaboratively to inspire and challenge them. Choosing St. John's means your child will learn the importance of moral character and global citizenship in a safe and nurturing community environment. Choosing St. John's means your child will be inspired each day.

    But, don't take my word for it, come and see for yourself. To begin the application process, I encourage you to schedule a personal tour of St. John's.

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    I am a trustee of the school currently and can report from that vantage point – high marks for good governance and communication and relationships with school families – but more importantly I also am the parent of two alums. My kids received a very strong education at St. John’s, and the school has only gotten better since their time there as the school has expanded and become a livelier, more diverse community. The strong and consistent emphasis on the development of character, faith, and academics from the earliest grades builds a foundation of remarkable strength that only builds through students’ time at the school. Class sizes are small, kids are safe, teachers are outstanding. The school offers a nurturing culture of love and respect for all while simultaneously enforcing rigorous academic and citizenship standards. With tuition low relative to other independent schools in the region, the payoff of a St. John’s education is enormous. My two children left St. John’s extremely well equipped to transition successfully to rigorous high schools in the area and ultimately to excellent colleges, graduate schools, and careers. Thank you, St. John’s.

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    St. John’s has been one of the best decisions we made for our family. We feel confident that our children are in a safe, nurturing environment. They experience more than just top notch academics and accelerated classroom programs, but also important lessons in faith and character. St. John’s transforms students into well rounded, empathetic, intelligent young people. We would highly recommend this school for anyone who is looking for the same for their children.

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    I am a student at St. John’s Episcopal School. I have been a here for five years. I think St.John’s is a wonderful school because, I have great friends , and excellent teacher each year. I know St.John’s will prepare me for a bright future.

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    We were so excited to join St. John’s Episcopal school. Our two sons enrolled last year and we immediately saw great academic progress. The staff has been very supportive since we arrived. They provide a global perspective as they embrace all denominations and their students display self respect and respect for others. Great Job St. Jes!

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    Last November, we transferred our daughter into the Preschool 4 class at St. John’s. After a difficult experience at another school, we were so grateful for the kindness and consideration of the admissions director, head of school and Preschool 4 teacher during our initial visits. The small class size, welcoming students and staff, and emphasis on character-building were the perfect combination for our daughter. She is now more confident than ever and is thriving both socially and spiritually.

    Additionally, opportunities to see all of the students perform several times throughout the year, including the International Festival where all classes do a thoughtfully choreographed dance routine and display appreciation for other cultures and customs, is more than we could have expected. Top notch school with amazing families and staff. You won’t regret sending your child(ren) here!

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    The purpose of reviews is to give the reader an insight that they may not receive from reading a website. Well as a current parent, let me give you a brief insight as to why I initially enrolled my daughter at St. John’s Episcopal School and will continue to do so until 8th grade.

    First, let’s look at how technology has changed the world. So having a school that incorporates technology as part of every grade (including preschool) was important to me. I chuckle when my daughter is “teaching” me what she has learned like “swiping” and the concept of “downloading”!

    Second, I wanted an academically superb school and St. John’s is that and more. Please take a look at the unique programs at … these programs truly are unique. However, St. John’s Episcopal School nourishes not only the student intellectually, but nourishes them spiritually and physically as well. When all is said and done, it’s important to me that my daughter is well rounded human being. That she is wise. That she is a good person. That she does the right thing (most of the time:-). That she cares for others. That she needs a healthy body and mid to do good works for others. There unique programs truly lay a foundation in developing a well rounded human being.

    Third, the teacher/student ratio is small. For me this was important because my daughter is shy. Small class sizes allow the students to get to know the other students – well. Also, the teachers get to provide more one-on-one attention, so that her teacher can build on her strengths and work on her weaknesses.

    Fourth and final, there is an opportunity for leadership in each class – including the Preschool 3! Each day, a student gets to be the “person of the day”. They get to lead the line , help the teacher, lead in the prayer, etc. On the days that my daughter is the “person of the day”, she bounces with great pride because she knows that as a leader, she has to set a good example. So she knows that she can’t be the line leader and run down the hall!

    So these 4 insights are just a few examples. I would strongly encourage you to visit the school and have your child participate in an orientation activity or shadow day…it will be well worth it! I hope this review has been helpful and good luck in your endeavor in finding that “right” school (hopefully it is St. John’s Episcopal School:-) to enroll your child!

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    The teachers at St. John’s Episcopal School are very nurturing – each child is known, loved, inspired and challenged. The school holds very high standards for academics and moral character development. The classroom is a place of inquiry and collaboration where a life-long love of learning is instilled. The school community is diverse and very welcoming.

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    St. John’s Episcopal School offers excellence! The quality of academics, amount of personalized attention, extra curricular offerings and overall philiosphy of the school makes St. John’s stand out above the rest. Our youngest child is a current 5th grader at St. John’s and the difference is profoundly evident from the other school our older two children attended. At St. John’s, our youngest has florished under expert educatonal instruction and the genuine nurturing values of the faculty.

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    We decided to enroll our daughter in the St. John’s Pre-K 3 class when traditional child care was not working for us. I assumed we would enroll her in St. John’s for two years of Pre-K, and when the time rolled around for kindergarten, we would place her in a Montgomery County public school. However, the teachers and staff at St. John’s have made our decision to stay with St. John’s well worth it. Our daughter has had a wonderful time meeting new friends, and doing the activities that the teachers and staff painstakingly take the time to plan. We appreciate the small class sizes, and love that the teachers make our daughter comfortable and happy. We have also witnessed firsthand the success of the school’s work on character development, as all of the students seem exceptionally polite, and friendly. Not only has St. John’s provided a warm and fun environment, but it does not hurt that our daughter has really learned a lot in the course of her education. I never thought I would send my kids to a private school, because I could not understand the extra cost, but after two wonderful years, my husband and I have decided that no matter what, our daughter will stay for the long run.

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    St. John’s Episcopal School is a wonderfully caring and nurturing environment where students are gently pushed to their fullest academic potential by teachers who instill values that build confidence, social skills, and the importance of giving back to the community. This is our ninth year as part of the STJES community and we are very pleased with the well-balanced education our children are receiving … we’ve observed our son and daughter stretch themselves academically and socially and spiritually. Opportunities to participate in declamation day, MAESA Fair, National Spanish Exams, Maryland State Solo and Ensemble Music Festival, International Festival, weekly Chapel Service, Model United Nations, and community service trips abroad to New Mexico, Costa Rica and Belize … and more to help develop the “whole” child. STJES is vitally committed to graduating students of character and faith, and prepares and inspires students for life-long success. Our son is very well prepared to attend Georgetown Preparatory High School in the Fall. Our children have blossomed at STJES!! You have to visit the school to understand what a truly wonderful place it is.

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    I am speaking as a past parent who had 2 children attend St. John’s for all 9 years. They are both in college at this point. I honestly believe that this school made my kids into the people that they are today. It gave them a firm foundation not only in academics but also in shaping their personalities. I could not be more proud of them! I highly recommend this school to anyone who wishes to see their child grow in so many different ways. Academically superb as well.

    Karen Woodward (Past Parent)

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    Our children are both enrolled in STJES and both started in the pre-K program. STJES has provided a loving and nurturing community in which my children receive a rigorous education.

    Smaller class sizes enable teachers to know students and their individual needs; and my children have truly benefited from this individualized attention. My children are currently in the lower school and we believe the combination of the rigorous academics, community and reinforcement of strong values will prepare our children for years to come.

    I would highly recommend STJES based on the growth we have seen with our children and the experiences the school provides for the family.

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    Our sons have been at STJES since 2009. We are very pleased. They have both grown academically and benefit from the small class size and accelerated instruction. They have also grown as young men, which I think comes partly from STJES’s emphasis on character. Our older son went to Costa Rica last year with his class and will go to Belize this year. We are confident that STJES has prepared him well for high school.

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    Our daughter has been at St. John’s Episcopal school for seven years. It has been a wonderful experience for her and for us. The multiple opportunities and unique programs the school offers makes it a truly well rounded and terrific education.
    We also like the fact that the faculty and staff know and care for her. We always feel safe when we drop her off at school, I would highly recommend the school to anyone who is looking for a great education and experience for their child.

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