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Welcome to Sheridan School, we`re a small school with a big story. We invite you to explore the diverse and vibrant community that makes us a true progressive school. As you browse the pages of our site, we hope that you get a sense of our mission-driven and student-centered approach to education.As a small school, we have the luxury of knowing each child individually and ensuring that each child feels known and understood. While Sheridan prides itself on its nurturing environment, it is also academically challenging. We set the bar high with our challenging, mastery- based curriculum that build confidence and cultivate successful students. A Sheridan education is a combination of creative expression, critical thought, hands- on experimentation and global awareness. We value diversity, risk-taking, social-emotional awareness and respect for the environment. Our concept based curriculum teaches students more than content. It is a vehicle for inquiry, exploring issues from multiple points of view and development of student passions. We provide a lasting foundation for students that serves them as they enter a complex world.The best way to truly capture the Sheridan spirit is to visit the campus. We can promise you that the minute you walk through the door, you will be impressed by the warm, familial, creative and intellectually robust atmosphere. It is a joyful place for children and adults. Please, come see for yourself.

Basic facts

  • Age Range:  K-8
  • Years Established:   1927
  • Enrollment:  225
  • Tuition:  Kindergarten to 3rd Grade - $32,630 4th to 8th Grade - $35,510
  • Who you serve:  Co-ed, Elementary, Middle School
  • Mission/Philosophy:  

    Sheridan School's mission is to create an inclusive, vibrant learning community. We take joy in learning, show kindness and empathy towards others, embrace new experiences and ideas, and continually seek a deeper and fuller understanding of the world. We seek to inspire self-knowledge, intellectual discipline and personal integrity in our community members. At both our city and mountain campuses, the Sheridan community challenges itself to live the ideal of respect for oneself, others and the environment.

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    From the moment we walked into the kindergarten class at the first open house we attended we knew Sheridan would be a perfect fit for our daughter. Each of the teachers that we met expressed an enthusiasm for guiding the students, were engaged, and seemed to genuinely enjoy the work that they were doing. One week later we attended another event and we were even more impressed. We met numerous students at varying grade levels and they were each poised and knew who they were as learners. It was refreshing to see students who exuded confidence that we wanted for our then five year old. Now, she is in fifth grade and there is no doubt that Sheridan was the right choice. It has been a joy to watch her become the young woman that she is. She is self-aware, thoughtful, and empathetic. Sheridan has nurtured her, allowed her to challenge herself, and she has all of the qualities that so impressed us in other students when we visited six years ago.

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    We discovered Sheridan by virtue of two independent sources both of whom had their kids there and were singing its praises. Once we were able to experience it ourselves, it was easy to understand why. Sheridan is an intentionally small school (around 220 kids) with a staff dedicated to the pursuit of a progressive education focused on critical thinking and social justice. I have two children at the school and though each is quite different, both have thrived and most tellingly, each loves going to school. As the years progress, classes become more and more interactive with teachers pushing students to attain a thorough understanding of their subjects. The unique element that really sold us on the school is the way the kids learn to be self-advocates. Sheridan transforms its students into confident, polished public speakers. As a result, the students emerge with an intelligence and poise that is the true hallmark of the school.

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    Our daughter has had an excellent experience at Sheridan School. As education in general moves towards a more progressive model Sheridan is a shining example for academic excellence. Our daughter’s education emphasizes depth over breadth, and is student-focused. The school teaches core academics + 21st century skills that our children will need over their lifetimes such as collaboration, curiosity, creative & critical thinking. We could not be happy with the education our child is getting at Sheridan!

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    I’m a current Sheridan parent, and we love the school. When we started the application process coming out of preschool, I honestly hadn’t heard much about it, as it isn’t as well-known as some of the big K-12 independent schools. But it was absolutely the best fit for our kid, for a couple of reasons:

    • We love the focus on social and emotional intelligence. The school has a formal curriculum in all grades, teaching the kids to do things like resolve conflicts, work as part of a team, play inclusively, talk through their feelings, etc.

    • We love the fact that it’s a very small, nurturing community (one class per grade, only ~220 kids and 150 families). The kids all know each other, and the teachers know the kids inside and out.

    • We love that the education is child-centered. The teachers quickly figure out how kids are doing across different subjects, and they tailor their lessons and teaching methods to make sure each kid is learning at his or her edge – enough that they’re engaged in the process but not so fast that they feel like they’re struggling to keep up. The teacher-student ratio is really good, and they use workshops and other elements to push the kids in a way that’s exciting. (I feel like this is the opposite of how some schools teach – through a standardized, rigid curriculum tailored to the average of most students.)

    • We love that Sheridan teaches critical thinking, so the kids don’t simply memorize facts but come to understand how to ask questions, how to gather and analyze information, how to look at different sides of an issue, and how to articulate (and defend) their own position.

    • Best of all, our kid loves going to school there. He’s excited to go in each morning, and he loves talking about what he’s learning. We feel like he’s really thriving there.

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    My hope is the school finds it way back to being one of the best in the District. The quality isn’t what it used to be.

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