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The goal of the Saint Charles Early Childhood Education Center is to provide each child in our program the opportunity to recognize the wonder of God’s creation through relationships and experiences.  We embrace the fact that parents, teachers, and students are all integral partners in the educational process.

The purpose of our preschool program is to provide a secure and nurturing environment and a dedicated staff to help each child in our care to grow according to his or her own rate of development.

We are open to welcoming students with intellectual disabilities.  Please contact the school office for more information.  We are grateful to Il Porto Charities for their support of our program.

Basic facts

  • Available Spots:  We currently have openings for: 4-year-old 3 mornings (Mon/Wed/Fri) 3-year-old 5 mornings with option for Daycare
  • Age Range:  Ages 2 - 5
  • Years Established:   School Established in 1922. Facility converted to strictly Early Childhood in 2014.
  • Enrollment:  175
  • Average Class Size:  13
  • Tuition:  $2,365 - $11,105
  • Who you serve:  Catholic, Co-ed, Preschool
  • Name of Care Center or Person':  Director- Mrs. Amy Fry, M.Ed.
  • Mission/Philosophy:  

    Our mission is to provide a Christ-centered, nurturing environment in which each child will develop spiritually, emotionally, socially, and cognitively. We recognize each child as a unique gift from God. Diversity is celebrated and welcomed.

  • Capacity:   176
  • Available Hours:  7:30-5:30; Preschool class time 8:30-12:00

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    I think St. Charles is a gem. My kids are in their second year and they are in the Junior Kindergarten class. It is truly unique–a team taught class that has fun weekly units taught by two extremely experienced teachers. There is plenty of play time and individual center time, but also structure. The class runs from 9 am-3 pm (before and after care is available) which I think will make an easy transition for my kids when they head to public school kindergarten next year. The tuition is also reasonable (which does not seem to be reflected in the statistics listed above) and the school is centrally located (near the Clarendon metro). I would check out the school’s website for current tuition. We are not Catholic, but have felt welcomed by the teachers, staff, and community. I’m also a single mom by choice and have had nothing but support.

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    I couldn’t be happier with St. Charles. My son stated the 2-year-old program this year and he’s blossomed! His teacher and teacher’s assistant are incredibly kind, patient, and capable. I like the hours of the program (8:30-12:00). I’m able to pick him up in time for a quick lunch then a nap. If I need to, I can also sign him up for additional childcare after 12:00. My little guy has learned so much since he started…everything from life skills to God’s love for him. We are continuing the program next year.

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    Our son started at St. Charles this past year and loves it. We have also enjoyed our experience. The school has a great family focused atmosphere, it seems like all the teachers know our son’s name and it is great to see how much he has grown. There is great weekly communication from the school director and classroom teachers, tons of in-school and out of school activities to participate in and a strong network of parents. We would highly recommend Saint Charles Early Childhood Education Center.

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    Love this pre-school! My daughter started last year at age 3 and this year she is in the 4 year old class and my son is in the 2 year old class. The teachers are all nurturing, creative and responsive. The program content has helped my children learn how to interact with peers and adults. They have many class offerings and flexible after care.

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    We are very happy with St. Charles Preschool. The staff is extremely thoughtful and nice. They have excellent ways to get involved and be a part of the school community as well as your own child’s learning. I am not a parent who is highly focused on the academic side of my son’s day, as I have no academic concerns for him. I am focused on teaching him to be a model student and to be kind to others and this makes St. Charles a great fit. We look forward to being part of St. Charles Preschool for many years as our family grows.

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