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At RPCNS, we believe that children excel by learning through play in a safe, supporting, nurturing community. RPCNS encourages children’s physical, social, and intellectual development to best prepare them for Kindergarten. We offer classes for children aged 2, 3, and 4 under the guidance of an experienced Director and fully-licensed teachers. At RPCNS, families are encouraged to actively participate in their child’s classroom and school. We have a variety of commitment levels available and half-day or full day options.

Basic facts

  • Available Spots:  A few spots in the 3's class.
  • Age Range:  2yrs-5yrs
  • Years Established:   School established in 1963
  • Enrollment:  69 students
  • Average Class Size:  10 for the Twos and Threes, 15 for the Fours
  • Tuition:  in total: Twos: $2316, Threes: $3120, Pre-K: $3923 for the 2017-18 school year
  • Who you serve:  Preschool

Contact Details

  • Address: 215 West Montgomery Avenue, Rockville, MD 20850
  • Zip Code: 20850

  • Phone: 301-762-1293

  • Website: http://www.rpcns.org

  • What differentiates your school from all others? 

    Our incredible opportunity to be a very large part of a child's first school experience. Many children find it comforting to have a parent in the classroom from time-to-time during their first years in school. Our parents welcome the opportunity to meet like-minded families, and see their child learn, grow and develop in a setting other than just their home. We are one of the most hands-on cooperative schools in the area.

  • Where do you see your school in 5 years, what will be different? 

    We hope to have a larger enrollment, particularly in the threes. We are seeking to have all our teachers go through the credentialing process. We are in also investigating accreditation.

  • Whats one myth about your school thats just not true?  

    We do not have any religious instruction. While RPCNS is housed in the educational building of the Rockville Presbyterian Church, we do not have a religious affiliation. The pastor is a wonderful, supportive woman who is a wonderful advocate for us. We have a great relationship, but it is not spiritual in nature!

  • Why should we choose your school? 

    We believe it takes a village to raise a child. RPCNS is a village in the middle of Rockville that happily welcomes our parents to participate (almost) as much as the children.

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