Norwood Park Preschool (aka. Bethesda-Chevy Chase Nursery School)

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Norwood Park Preschool (aka. Bethesda-Chevy Chase Nursery School) 5

Norwood Park Preschool is a small hybrid-cooperative preschool for 2-5 year olds that uses a Reggio-Emilia play-focused curriculum to guide the children in their socio-emotional and academic development.

Basic facts

  • Age Range:  2 - 5 years old
  • Years Established:   1939
  • Enrollment:  24 max
  • Average Class Size:  10 Caterpillars, 14 Butterflies
  • Tuition:  $5820 for Co-op, $7350 for Buy-out
  • Who you serve:  Co-ed, Preschool
  • Mission/Philosophy:  

    At Norwood Park Preschool, we strive to offer a quality, nurturing, and a productive learning environment for your preschooler. Your child will have the opportunity to learn and play with his/her peers in a variety of different ways. Various activities, both teacher-led and student initiated, will allow for your child to grow into an independent preschooler.

    Our curriculum is based on different themes. We will spend a week (or more) on a particular topic. Some topics covered throughout the school year include water, seasons, holidays, shapes, and many more! This approach will allow us to spend a great deal of time on different projects, reading, and play related to each topic. When appropriate, special activities will be incorporated into our day (special snacks, visitors, field trips, activities, and more). And of course, spending lots of time exploring the outdoors within our own backyard of Norwood Park.

    Our students learn through an Emergent Curriculum, which builds on students' daily interests, inquiries, as well as family and community values to motivate the love of learning. In exploring topics of relevance to them, our students are excited to participate as authors, engineers, illustrators, dancers, scientists— their imaginations guides who or what they want to learn about, become, question, and explore.

    The emergent curriculum we follow is different from a preplanned, "canned" thematic model, in that our student's interests become the main focus as well as motivation for learning. In addition, our teachers possess knowledge of Maryland's standards as well as content goals to ensure Kindergarten readiness. If that weren't enough, adding to our unique approach to learning is the fact that our teachers promote cultural tolerance and awareness through the use of developmentally appropriate practices.

  • Capacity:   24
  • Available Hours:  9 AM - 2:30 PM M-F

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    This little school in the park is a total gem! We couldn’t be more pleased with Norwood Park Pre-K. It is amazing for the things we hugely wanted: a small school (small teacher: student ratio) with capable and warm staff where the teachers take the time to treat each child as an individual with unique gifts and make them into happy, kind, and confident kids. All the teachers are great at building social skills and getting kids interested in learning. The school tells me all the time what a joy for them it is to have my child there–and that sense of joy really shines through. I am so glad we found a place where our son is extremely happy!

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    My daughter went to Norwood Park Preschool for 1.5 years, from when she was 2.5 to almost 4 years old (Jan 2017 – June 2018).

    It’s been a great experience for her – she frequently chatters about her school friends and teachers with excitement. I especially love that the kids spent a bunch of time outside in the park, both for free play and guided exploration/lessons, as well as all the occasions that they do arts/crafts – making turtles from recycled materials, or mobiles from branches and yarn, etc.
    The teachers and supporting staff are young, energetic and very calm when setting expectations and enforcing guidelines with the kids. (They also all speak Spanish fluently, which has been great for our spanish speaking diplomatic families, whose kids experience a gentler language transition to english).

    I think the school has some space for improvement in the area of administrative organization.
    Part of the school operations are run by the School Board – an annually elected board from the school’s parents. So the effectiveness of operations depends on how available and engaged the parent volunteers are, as well as the strength of their organization and leadership skills.

    So sometimes, the school operations are just good enough – a lot of things get organized and done, but many at the very last moment.

    For 2018-2019 academic year, the school board is composed of some powerhouse individuals – I expect them to bring a lot of energy, initiative and leadership to their work. 🙂

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