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New Adventures Learning Community

People learn best when it is something that interests them. Whether it be cooking, superheroes, history, science, whatever... we build that into our curriculum. While all students are learning the same skills, the way they are learning them is unique to each student. The New Adventures Learning Community thoughtfully blends the best features of multiple educational traditions to create a student-centered academic approach providing both flexibility and accountability. ▪ Each student creates a personalized curriculum with family input and professional guidance. The student's curriculum draws from his or her unique interests, passions and goals, and is implemented with the type of one-on-one educational coaching Homeschoolers enjoy. ▪ Students help plan their own daily and weekly schedules, taking charge of their education with professional on-site assistance. Like Montessori students, they learn at their own pace, progressing farther and faster in areas of strength, and taking more time to work through more challenging subject matter. ▪ Children are free to move, eat, and drink when they need to. ▪ There is no unnecessary stress, standardized testing, or required homework, though students may work on projects at home if they choose to. ▪ Students have daily opportunities to collaborate, teach, and learn from each other, and to socialize with peers and develop long-term friendships. We have created a schedule that enables the students to choose their topics - for short term or long term projects. With a varied range of modalities, they learn the skills necessary for high school completion.

Basic facts

  • Available Spots:  10/8/2017 We have spots open for 6-12 grades and accept rolling admissions.
  • Age Range:  Grades 6-12
  • Years Established:   School established 2016
  • Enrollment:  4 students
  • Average Class Size:  4-8 students
  • Who you serve:  Catholic, Co-ed, Christian, Episcopal, High School, Jewish, Middle School, Presbyterian, Protestant, Quaker

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  1. My son who is 11 is thriving at NALC. He is a bright kid with unique learning style. At NALC, he has his own curriculum that is customized for his needs and his learning style. Also, most highly intelligent kids like to learn from each other. NALC provides a community base open leaning style. Kids learn from each other with the guidance of their amazing teacher. I can’t say enough positive things about this unique school. You know it’s the right fit when your kid looks forward to going to school every day and when he comes home, he can’t stop talking about all that he has learned. It’s a wonderful feeling and experience for the child and the parents. We found a school for my son that we can call his second home.

  2. I have 2 daughters that have gone to NALC. One blossomed and gained the confidence to try public high school (and is thriving), the other is planning to graduate from NALC (5 years from now). We couldn’t be happier with the individualized attention and curriculum. The staff are amazing and the families are a real community. We help each other, enjoy each other and celebrate each and every success together. We may be small, but we are growing, one family at a time.

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