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Lowell School honors the individuality of each child. We give children, age 2 1/2 through 8th grade, time and space to grow, and we nurture the strengths of each individual. A fundamental understanding of the developmental stages of cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth informs all that we do with children. We foster intellectual and emotional self-reliance, with a guiding value of respect for each other. This approach provides the foundation for children to be highly motivated learners with a strong sense of self-worth and efficacy.

We embrace a leading-edge, research-based curriculum intentionally designed to nurture the development of creative problem solvers and compassionate leaders. Our hands-on, experiential curriculum, prepares students to make a positive difference in the world.

In addition to offering the full complement of academic courses, the arts, and PE, Lowell has several signature programs. 1) Our innovative social studies curriculum combines the NTSS standards and the Teaching Tolerance Social Justice Standards. 2) Our STEM program begins in Pre-Primary School. 3) All students K and up take swimming lessons in our pool and have the opportunity to take part in our Athletics program.

After school offerings include minicourses, instrumental lessons, pop bands, sports teams, and after care.

Basic Facts

    Available Spots: We have spots for 2.5, 3 and 4-year olds

    Age Range:
    Age 2.5 - Grade 8

    Years Established: 1965

    Enrollment: 350

    Average Class Size: 16

    Tuition: $18,775 - $37,815

    Who you serve:
    Elementary, Middle School, Preschool

    Lowell's mission is to create an inclusive community of life-long learners in which each individual is valued and respected. Our charge, then, is to strengthen minds, ensure equity, and honor individuality.

Contact Details

  • Address: 1640 Kalmia Rd NW Washington, DC 20012
  • Zip Code: 20012
  • Phone: (202) 577-2000
  • Website:

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  1. We chose Lowell School for our African-American son several years ago for their stated commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion…period. Over the years, Lowell has demonstrated that he and other children of Color matter in our community.

    We fell in love with the ideals of a progressive education model because they focused on the whole child. His teachers give him a safe place to express his thoughts and let him flourish as a student.

    The character building lessons Lowell employed when he was 3 years old have followed him to date at 3rd grade. He continues to use all of the strategies to helped him solve social and emotional issues, contribute during class discussions, chose to be a leader among his friends all while being a thoughtful person.

    My son loves to go to school…not always the school work, but absolutely loves being a student at Lowell and I hear the same sentiment from other parents about their kids too. Imagine a school where children loved to be and hated to leave….that’s my experience of Lowell School.

  2. Lowell School was our favorite school when we applied for schools and our expectations have been met and exceeded in the two years our family has been there. It is a diverse, experience-rich environment led by faculty and administrators who are passionate, skilled, inclusive, and partnership-focused.

    Located next to Rock Creek Park and including a stream fed by a natural spring on-site, the school itself is quite special. We love that our son can take swimming lessons in the indoor pool, be creative in an art studio just for pre-primary students, analyze the wonders of our world in a dedicated STEM lab, and dance in a dance studio made for little ones plus have a homeroom that feels fosters a curious mind.

    The parent community at Lowell is also fantastic. It is very supportive of the school and the relationship between the parents and the school is a solid partnership focused on making sure all students become not just life-long learners but are also the best citizens.

    We love Lowell!

  3. Aside from actually deciding to have children, Lowell School has been the best choice our family has ever made. Our children have been taught exactly the way each one needed to be. The academic, social, and emotional curriculum is tailored to each individual child’s needs and is masterfully presented by caring, insightful, and professional instructors.

  4. We have three children at Lowell and they all started at age 3. Until then they were home with me (mom). We found Lowell when looking for a preschool for our oldest . She was what I would describe as my velcro baby, and it was hard to think she would let me leave her at school. She was shy around new people and slow to warm up to new experiences. She was an observer more than a do-er.

    When my husband and I visited Lowell, I felt the warmth instantly. We could see and hear kindness and enthusiasm from everyone we encountered. I felt she would be emotionally safe at Lowell, that her teachers would get to know her; see her strengths and help her where she needed support.

    Indeed they did; and now she is an outgoing confident fourth grader who is feels safe enough to try new things at school – Cross Country! Basketball! Spanish Club – the Geo Bee! Her younger siblings are having an equally great experience – all known for the individuals they are. Challenged and supported in the best ways. We could not be happier or more sure of our decision seven years ago to join this wonderful community.

  5. When my family applied to Lowell, our oldest son wasn’t even three-years-old. We knew who he was but didn’t know who is was going to be. We looked at a lot of schools. We did our research. Canvased our network of friends and families who traveled this road. We considered the different pedagogies and how teachers were trained. My wife and I pondered if there was room for our child to grow academically, socially and emotionally. Most of the schools we considered met our threshold criteria: academic rigor balanced with constructive play that fosters individual creative expression and learning styles. At the end of the day, our family decided on Lowell because we thought it best represented our values as a family and where if we (as parents) had to go to school all over again Lowell is where my wife and I would want to be.

    While our oldest son has thrived at Lowell, in my mind, our youngest son has provided the best social proof that we made the right choice for our family by coming to Lowell. Our baby boy was born three months into our first year at Lowell. Just about every day of his life, he has visited Lowell’s amazing beautiful campus and interacted with students, parents, teachers and administrators. If Lowell, wasn’t a place he wanted to be, he certainly would have let us know.

    He let us know (constantly) that Lowell is where he wanted to be.

    “When I go to Lowell, Dad,” was a constant question.

    He started pre-primary in the Fall and every morning he leaps out of the backseat with boundless joy and excitement.

    Although, both boys have very different personalities, Lowell has created an environment that has allowed them to flourish in their own ways. Yet, both share characteristic which I’ve come to learn are hallmarks of Lowell students: emphatic; creative problem solvers; articulate about the needs and the concerns of others; and a zest for exploring ideas and learning.

  6. Love this school! Lowell has provided a warm, caring environment for our child and she has thrived there. Talented, thoughtful teachers have really gotten to know her and have been quick to provide both support and challenge/enrichment as needed over the years. I am always impressed at back to school night, when I hear how carefully and thoughtfully the curriculum has been designed. The campus has great outdoor spaces for play and learning. Sports teams are open to all – track and swimming starting in Kindergarten – team sports like soccer and basketball starting in 4th grade. The parent community is welcoming and diverse. Lowell has been a great fit for us and I recommend it highly.

  7. We have had three children attend Lowell, and it is a truly wonderful school. The community is warm and caring. The teachers are focused on what kids need developmentally and as individuals to learn and become their best selves. The curriculum is rigorous and engaging. Kids learn to think and solve problems and express themselves. Students graduate with a clear sense of who they are and are comfortable using their voices to advocate for themselves and others. They go on to succeed in high schools all over the area, including the most challenging public and private schools.

  8. The best part of Lowell for me is that it teaches my kids how to think deeply, critically and effectively. There is a strong emphasis on the problem solving and analytical skills necessary for academic success and for independent work and thought. My kids have not just learned, but had become good learners. We have loved Lowell from pre-primary through middle school, and highly recommend it.

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