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Kiddie University Child Development Center is a premier dc child care facility on Capitol Hill Washington DC, that focuses on exceptional Infant Care, Toddler Care, and Preschool classrooms. We have constructed our facilities using environmentally friendly furniture and materials obtained from companies utilizing ecologically friendly methods to produce the most non-toxic and pesticide free products. Our child care Capitol Hill DC environment is spacious, inviting, clean, and well thought out to incorporate a design that promotes learning, self-discovery, nurturing, and the overall health and safety of each and every child enrolled in our program. In addition, our Programs promote real life experiences while incorporating the customs, languages, values, food & lifestyles that are shared among the diverse families in Washington DC. The importance of diversity is reflected as a fundamental part of the curriculum, promoting the uniqueness of each child & family within our center and in the world.

Basic facts

  • Available Spots:  We have 9 spots for infants (6 wks - 18 months) 14 spots for toddlers (18 months - 30 months) 19 spots for preschool (30 months - 48 months)
  • Age Range:  6 weeks - 4 yrs
  • Name of Care Center or Person':  April Nelson
  • Capacity:   42
  • Available Hours:  7:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Contact Details

  • What differentiates your care center from all the others? 

    We believe that children are sponges and the earlier they are exposed to learning and exploration, the better their development in all aspects of growth. We incorporate Spanish immersion and STEM components within the creative curriculum to provide the most well diverse curriculum and educational experiences. We focus on research based and national standards. We also believe that community partnerships and parent involvement are key to bring the young child's environment together for a high quality program.

  • What is your philosophy regarding childcare? 

    We are committed to providing a quality child development program where the children feel safe and loved. Children learn best and develop their fullest potential through active participation in a wide variety of activities which take place in a safe, secure, nurturing environment. We promote a program to meet the needs of the total child—socially, emotionally, creatively, physically and intellectually. We want to instill in each child, a feeling of competence, autonomy and a positive self-concept.

    Allow the children to do as much for themselves as possible. This includes meal time, bathroom, outdoors, free play time and especially art and table activity time. Children develop confidence and independence from feelings of success. They cannot have this success if adults do too much for them. Parents, teachers and staff work together to make child care a positive learning experience for each child.

    We are committed to supporting the family unit and recognize the uniqueness of each families' lifestyle and cultural heritage. We strive to support parents and encourage their involvement with open and honest communication.

  • What safety precautions are in place for the children in your care? 

    Every child must be signed in and out every day. Our facility is secure and only parents or adults approved in writing will be allowed to pick your child up. Any adult other than the parent must show id and we will take a photocopy to keep on file. The inside of our facility is kept clean, toys are sanitized after each use, bottle and feeding utensils are cleaned after use and prepared to go home. Cleaning supplies are kept high on shelves out of the reach of all children in our care.

  • What does a typical day look like for your kids? 

    A typical day includes circle time, teacher directed and non directed activities planned out on a weekly lesson plan schedule, family style meals, outdoor play, music and movement and a range of research based activities that stimulate gross motor skills, fine motor skills, cognitive, social, emotional, STEM (Science Technology Engineering, and Math), and physical play.

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