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Green Acres School

Green Acres School is an Age 3 to Grade 8 progressive school located in North Bethesda, MD. Since 1934, Green Acres School has challenged and inspired students to live and learn with intellect, curiosity, determination, joy, and compassion. The school is considered the leading progressive school in the nation. Green Acres School ignites a love of learning in every child, providing students with meaningful, rigorous challenges that empower them to tap into their intellect, curiosity, compassion, determination, and innate joy for learning. Teachers at Green Acres are experts in education and child development. They skillfully blend innovation, brain research, and tradition to help students develop into determined makers and risk takers, and driven learners. Green Acres graduates find success in high school, college, and beyond, using their solid intellectual foundation, creativity, and strong ethical framework to emerge as leaders in a wide variety of disciplines. Located on 15 wooded acres in North Bethesda, learning at Green Acres extends into the forest and streams—particularly advantageous for STEAM learning across all divisions—playgrounds, and athletic fields. The school was named a Maryland Green School in 2015.

Basic facts

  • Available Spots:  Still accepting applications for K, 1, 2, and 5.
  • Age Range:  Age 3 - Grade 8
  • Years Established:   1934
  • Enrollment:  278
  • Average Class Size:  12
  • Tuition:  17,700 (Half-day Pre-K), $26,500 (Pre-K), $28,000 (Kindergarten), $35,270 (1st - 8th Grade)
  • Who you serve:  Co-ed, Elementary, Middle School, Preschool
  • Mission/Philosophy:  

    Green Acres School challenges and inspires students to live and learn with intellect, curiosity, determination, joy, and compassion.

    Philosophy -

    Green Acres School has embraced the principles of progressive education since 1934. Our program nurtures children’s development, encourages respect for others, and fosters students’ ability to observe, question, evaluate, and make decisions.

    At Green Acres School, our values address the world’s abiding need for compassion, community, responsibility, and independent thought. We celebrate both individuality and diversity, cultivating understanding of various backgrounds and viewpoints. Our campus design and generous time outdoors engage students with the environment, reflecting our respect for the natural world.

Contact Details

  • Address: 11701 Danville Drive, Rockville, MD 20852 United States
  • Zip Code: 20852

  • Phone: 301-881-4100

  • Website:

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  1. Our neighbors child goes and they have rave reviews. Consider this option if you are in the area. She switched from public school (3rd grade, I think) and when I asked the little one what they thought – very positive comments. I thought, wow, that is rare for a kid to switch schools and like in just the first month. Amazing job they are doing over there – keep up the great work!

  2. Green Acres School take making learning joyful seriously. Our family is thankful every day we found this jewel of a school. What we love most is how our child is well taken care of academically and as a young person.

    Where at other schools you get a few numbers used to describe a student’s success at Green Acres you get a well-written report from each teacher describing how our child is becoming a thoughtful citizen of the world

  3. Green Acres is a nurturing community that values students as people. Not things to teach at, but learn with. The teachers are what made it for us and the parents who welcomed us were and are so energetic.

  4. There is no better long-term value than an education at Green Acres. the teachers are amazing. They know every child as if it were their own. The leadership is impeccable. The community is thoughtful. On a side – what students get in the area of STEM is unmatched. Period.

  5. A lot of friends get a funny look on their face when I tell them where my kids go to school…especially if they know of GAS. You don’t need to be a free thinking, non-aristocrat to embrace the progressive education students receive at GAS. You will not find a finer education and student more prepared for life. I won’t say “real life” because school at GAS is real life disguised as joyful learning.

    They do everything better than we could have possibly fathomed!!!

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