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Evergreen School

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Evergreen School is an independent, co-educational Montessori school for children from two years old through 3rd grade, located in Montgomery County since 1964. The school’s mission is to help each individual reach his or her fullest potential and to prepare them to be independent thinkers, lifetime learners and responsible citizens.

Here, we believe that first years of life are the most important. There is no time when a person experiences more cognitive, social and emotional growth. Not only are children developing the intellectual skills they need for academic success, they are developing the patterns of independence, confidence and a relationship to the world that will forever influence who they are.

Basic Facts

    Available Spots: We have a few spots available at all levels.

    Age Range:
    Age 2 - Grade 3

    Years Established: 1964

    Enrollment: 80

    Average Class Size: 14

    Tuition: $16,250 - $23,795

    Who you serve:
    Co-ed, Elementary, Montessori, Preschool

    Available Hours:
    8:25 AM - 3:00 PM; before and after care available

Contact Details

  • Address: 10700 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD, 20902-0209
  • Zip Code: 20902
  • Phone: 301-942-5979
  • Website:

Important Q&A

    What differentiates your school from all others?
    At its core, the Montessori approach respects the child as the center of the learning process. It holds that children are natural learners, and their curiosity is the engine of learning. Children have choice in their work and can follow their interests.

    Here, teachers present materials designed to introduce a concept or skill, and children engage in learning by doing. Every activity is hands on. And every activity is specifically selected for the unique ability and needs of each child. Short of personal tutoring, you will not find a more individualized program anywhere.

    Where do you see your school in 5 years, what will be different?
    Our teachers put the developmental needs of children first. It is their experience, wisdom and passion for early childhood education that guides them, each day, to create the warmest, most vibrant learning experiences possible for our children.

    Evergreen School FacultyRather than implementing a static, prescribed curriculum, our teachers tailor each child’s experience to his or her own learning needs. Many schools claim to offer individualized instruction – but only in a Montessori paradigm like ours will you find each child engaged in learning specific to his or her own ability.

    Our teachers understand that children learn by doing. Their first priority is to promote active learning. You will not find our teachers standing in the front of a classroom lecturing – instead, they create a prepared environment where children become engrossed in meaningful activity. Our students are too busy building words, discovering number patterns, investigating natural objects, and mastering materials to simply be passive receptacles of information.

    Whats one myth about your school thats just not true?
    Montessori education starts with the principle that children are natural learners. They are intrinsically motivated to seek learning experiences and work toward mastery. By providing an enriched classroom with materials specifically chosen to develop cognitive skills, all students build a strong foundation for a life-long love of learning.

    What kind of student is most successful at your school?
    Learning is joyful when children follow their greatest interest: understanding the world immediately around them. At Evergreen, the foundation for a life-long love of learning is laid. Children develop a sense of independence, competence, determination and resiliency.

    At this level, children realize that “difficult” tasks can be mastered. They become increasingly satisfied as they attain precision and success in their work.

    Teachers present lessons and allow each child to proceed at his or her own pace. Children work actively and develop concentration, independence, and order.

    Why should we choose your school?
    Our commitment to the ideals of equity, diversity and social justice are reflected in all aspects of our program. We boast of the broad diversity reflected in our community. With over 31% of our families coming from outside the US and 54% children of color, we are the most diverse school in the Association of Independent Maryland Schools.

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