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Edmund Burke School is a progressive, urban, college-prep school for boys and girls in grades 6-12. Located two blocks south of the Van Ness metro stop in northwest DC, we provide a warm, inclusive and diverse community and offer challenging academics, world-class arts and championship sports. We emphasize service and leadership, as modeled by Edmund Burke's famous quote: "All that's necessary for the triumph of evil is for enough good men to do nothing."  We invite you to visit our website: www.burkeschool.org.

Basic facts

    Age Range:  grades 6 - 12
  • Years Established:   1968
  • Enrollment:  305
  • Average Class Size:  11
  • Tuition:  $37,775 - $40,075
  • Who you serve:  Co-ed, High School, Middle School
  • Mission/Philosophy:  

    Burke consciously brings together students who are different from one another in many ways, actively engages them in their own education, holds them to high expectations, gives them power and responsibility, and supports and advances their growth as skilled and independent thinkers who step forward to make positive contributions to the world in which they live.

Contact Details

  • Address: 4101 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20008
  • Zip Code: 20008

  • Phone: 202- 362-8882

  • Website: http://www.burkeschool.org/

  • What differentiates your school from all others? 

    Our urban location and diverse, inclusive community, our college-level performing and visual arts, and our unique advisory, leadership and service programs. Our students are HAPPY while working hard. And our course, we graduate skilled, independent thinkers that go on to great colleges and successful careers.

  • Where do you see your school in 5 years, what will be different? 

    A newly renovated high school building!

  • Whats one myth about your school thats just not true?  

    This is NOT a school full of "misfits." We have a remarkably diverse student population, and kids truly feel free to be themselves here, but the academics are challenging and our standards are high.

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  1. Excellent program. Don’t let the 4 stars fool you. I always feel there’s room for improvement and I think most people don’t believe 5 star reviews.

    The teachers are helpful, the administration is thoughtful and intelligent, and the community is one-of-a-kind in a very good way.

    Please check out the jewel of a school!!

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