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Divine Peace Lutheran School provides full-day classes for kindergarten through eighth grade with after-school care and enrichment programs. The academic and faith-filled environment we provide for children cannot be found in our public school systems. As a member of WELS, we operate the fourth largest private school system in the nation. We provide a safe and academically challenging environment for your child to learn and grow at a very affordable cost. Our Christian-based curriculum not only prepares your child for academic success, but also for life.  

Basic facts

  • Age Range:  K-8
  • Average Class Size:  15
  • Tuition:  $7,950
  • Who you serve:  Christian, Elementary, Middle School
  • Mission/Philosophy:  

    In order to achieve this mission we seek to attract children and families who are dedicated to leading lives of service and growth through Christ. We expect parents to become an integral part of the Divine Peace Community while also reinforcing the Truths of the Bible at home. Above all, we want parents to partner with teachers and our pastor to raise their children with a unshakable spiritual foundation.

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