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At Brookewood School, we believe that our school should help parents form their daughters into young women who are educated, cultured, pious, cheerful, adventurous, and generous. Because our goal is to help parents raise thriving young women, parent involvement is an important part of the Brookewood lifestyle. We have a supportive Parent Association, but we also have families who organize non-school, community events that students want to attend. We cultivate the spirit of community on campus through our house system. We assign every student to one of our four houses, all of which have individual characters. Each house includes students from every grade level. Middle and high schoolers take on the responsibility of helping younger students fit in and thrive, while elementary school students find a whole family of compassionate “older sisters” who look after their needs.

Basic facts

  • Available Spots:  Between 1 and 5 spots in grades 1-10.
  • Age Range:  Grades 1 - 12
  • Tuition:  $8,000 - $14,500
  • Who you serve:  All-girl, Catholic, Elementary, High School, Middle School
  • Mission/Philosophy:  

    At the Brookewood School, we believe that our school should help parents form their daughters into young women who are educated, cultured, pious, cheerful, adventurous, and generous. We live this philosophy—heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Contact Details

  • Address: 10401 Armory Ave. Kensington, MD 20895
  • Zip Code: 20895

  • Phone: (301) 949-7997

  • Website:

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  1. It is extremely satisfying for a parent to see that the school chosen for his or her child is caring and innovative.

    Children need much more than a plain education. They need help with developing their feelings, with learning a proper attitude toward the world that they will eventually enter as contributing citizens, and with reaching their own potential.

    Brookewood provides all of this with a dedicated staff and an admirable approach to education; the school equips students to be independent thinkers who enjoy learning and see it as a natural part of life, which serves children well in pursuing their future education.

    It is a joy to ask our daughter each evening how she enjoyed school today – the experiences and stories she shares are wonderful.

  2. Brookewood is an independent all-girls school guided by the authentic teachings of the Catholic church. My three daughters all attend, grades 10, 6, and 3. The academics are rigorous and coupled with the benefit of small class sizes- I feel they will all be very well prepared for college.

    However, Brookewood is not just about academics. The spiritual and character formation they receive are essential preparation for the real world. I truly believe they will be well prepared to stand for what is right. The faculty and staff are to be commended for the nurturing educational environment they have created at this wonderful school.

  3. Brookewood is an authentically Catholic school with a more traditional religion curriculum, but more significantly, teachers who model a sincere faith life for the girls. Brookewood provides an important service for families who want an alternative to secular education or simply to the pragmatic and technology heavy focus of many modern schools (in lower grades when kids should be reading instead!). Instead, an education rich in poetry, art, music, classic literature, natural history and Italian is presented at Brookewood in a context of developing a LOVE of learning. As a parent, i welcome the deemphasis on technology, the emphasis on love of learning over pressure, the rigor inherent in classic poetry and literature, the cultivation of wonder through natural history as preparation for hard science. In this environment, girls genuinely enjoy school and are guided to resolve conflict according in an authentic Christian context. The environment is welcoming and nurturing. Overall, a wonderful Christian community of learning.

  4. Brookewood has been great for my two elementary school aged daughters who we transferred after four years in public school. The class sizes are small, which was the main reason for the switch. My daughters loved the addition of Natural History and Italian to their daily schedule. They have a great balance between rigor and fun. My younger daughter has had a noticeable improvement in her confidence since switching to Brookewood. Being in an environment that is not focused on data and testing has been a welcomed improvement. While they are missing some elements a public school environment provides (technology, identifying reading levels through standardized testing) they thrive in areas public school fall behind (individualized attention, grammar, handwriting, math and understanding the world around them). I would highly recommend Brookewood, but at the same time, don’t want the secret to get out!

  5. As a former Brookewood teacher, I can definitely speak to what a beautiful sense of community this all-girls school offers. It is a small school, which is a great strength of the school. Students are able to consult teachers regularly, and teachers give detailed feedback to students. They are thoughtful, caring teachers who want each student to learn to her fullest capability and also grow in charity and wisdom. I would say each class has about 10-16 students in it, which means teachers really are able to spend more time with each individual.

    The curriculum is rigorous, though, again, teachers want to challenge students. Critical reading and writing is emphasized in all grades, especially in the Middle School and the Upper School, but more importantly, a love of reading and reciting poetry is inculcated from the 1st grade. Upper School students are constantly writing, which is great preparation for college courses.

    Math and Science classes, too, are taught by teachers with Masters degrees or above, and they, too, are rigorous courses.

    The school has a palpable sense of joy which is felt throughout the faculty and students. It is a joy from the teachers’ passion for teaching and from many students enjoying school. Students have many field trips throughout the year, and Lower School students take several Natural History courses that have them do explorations and study in the nearby Kensington neighborhood.

    I don’t live close to the school any longer, but if I did, I would undoubtedly send my daughter there.

  6. The teachers are the best part about the school.

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