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Barrie School is a co-educational, college preparatory, independent day school, serving approximately 350 students from age 18 months through grade 12. Mission: Empower individuals to expand their intellectual abilities, develop their creative talents, and discover their passions to make a positive impact in a rapidly changing world.

Basic facts

  • Available Spots:  Limited openings from 18 months – Grade 12
  • Age Range:  18 months - grade 12
  • Years Established:   1932
  • Enrollment:  350
  • Tuition:  $17,500 - $32,100
  • Who you serve:  Co-ed, Elementary, High School, Middle School, Montessori, Preschool
  • Mission/Philosophy:  

    At Barrie, we believe that all individuals possess an innate curiosity about the world and that the best education transforms that curiosity into passionate and sustained intellectual pursuit. We also believe that our society is best served by confident, creative, and independent learners who demonstrate a commitment to community through respect for self, others, and the environment.

    Barrie provides a nurturing and accepting atmosphere and a curriculum that challenges students to reach beyond their current grasp. We recognize that education is a journey that should respond to the needs of students as they develop from concrete, multi-sensory learners into abstract thinkers with increasing capacities for critical analysis, collaboration and effective communication. Barrie believes that education should strike a balance between theoretical and practical learning. We strive to instill in our students a continuing desire for personal excellence in a complex and ever-changing world.

Contact Details

  • Address: 13500 Layhill Road, Silver Spring, MD 20906
  • Zip Code: 20906

  • Phone: 301.576.2800

  • Website:

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  1. Barrie represents all that’s important about 21c. learning. That phrase is thrown around a lot, but Barrie understands the most important question – why students should learn.

  2. The overall education at Barrie is very good. The administration and the teachers generally care about everyone. I can say the campus is the best environment I’ve seen in 3 states. My main concern is the makeup of the student body. I get it, all schools are enrolling students they would not have done 10 years ago, but when a class is constantly interrupted by students who, through no fault of their own, are out of hand it’s time to take a hard look at what’s going on.

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