How to Keep Your Kids Entertained When They’re Stuck Indoors

4 months ago


By: Carrie Spencer, The Spencer's Adventures

As much as kids are built for running around outside, from time to time, there’s a need to keep them indoors. While today’s many gadgets will often do the trick, countless experts advise against depending on tech, as too much screentime can lead to sedentary habits that lead to cardiovascular and weight issues, as well as learning and behavioral problems. 

So, what’s a parent to do? The answer lies in indoor activities that are as enriching and educational as they are fun. In fact, having a few in your parenting arsenal will ensure that the hours your kids spend indoors are productive ones. Here are some ideas.

Study and Play

Getting kids even the slightest bit excited about learning can be a tall order. No doubt, you will have your work cut out for you as you try to get your kids to learn at home. There’s an easy way around this, however. The trick is to choose activities so fun and engaging that they don’t even realize that they’re learning on the sly. 

For instance, let your kids channel their inner mad scientists with awesome science experiments that you can do at home. Many of these activities don’t require more than items that, chances are, you already have around the house. Best of all, the kids get a great deal of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) learning out of it, too. 

Unleash Creativity

Arts and crafts are also worthy activities for kids when they’re stuck indoors. They’re great boredom-busters, and they’re also wonderful ways to let your kids unleash their creativity. Who knows? You might find that you have a Picasso in your midst!

Now, if you’re hard-pressed for ideas beyond the paper mache and coloring books of your own youth, you’ll be very pleased to know that you can actually buy art kits online. With unique and enjoyable activities that run the gamut from space- and camping-themed crafts to sewing projects to terrarium building, you’ll never run out of the best craft ideas for your kids.

Get Physical

Of course, it’s easy to forget about physical activities when you’re stuck at home, especially when you don’t really have the space for your kids to run around as they would outside. However, this doesn’t mean they get a free pass from exercise, as it remains important in maintaining their health. Thankfully, you don’t need much space to get your kids moving. 

First of all, get them dancing. In fact, you can fire up YouTube videos for kids to follow, or even have a dance challenge of sorts to liven things up even more. Fortunately, thanks to streaming sticks like Roku, you can access all sorts of dance videos from any television in the house. Just make sure you select a compatible device!

Next, you can also get them into yoga. And yes, yoga for kids is really a thing and is known to be very beneficial, not just for their growing bodies, but also to help develop confidence and improve focus and concentration. 

Lastly, you can organize exercise routines disguised as games, such as all kinds of races (think: three-legged, crab walk—the works), hula hooping challenges, obstacle courses, and more. You can even make it into a contest to teach valuable lessons on competition and teamwork.

Learn a New Skill

Finally, know that being stuck at home with your kids is also a great opportunity to teach them valuable life skills. Cooking, for one thing, can be very fascinating for them. Better yet, it’s a great way to teach them a wide range of things, from fractions to healthy eating. And let’s not forget that teaching kids to cook at a young age pretty much sets them up for life.

So as a rule, start by letting them help you do the prep work. They can then later progress to easy recipes they can do themselves. Needless to say, keep them supervised for their safety!

Indoor time for kids can be a challenge, but it’s also an opportunity to get creative and think out of the box. With some very cool activities on the agenda, you simply can’t go wrong. The opportunities to bond and spend time together aren’t too bad either. Win-win, indeed.


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