Best DC Area Private Schools Under $24,000

2 years ago


By Brett Graham, DC school HUB Correspondent

There are a lot of great schools in the DMV under 24K per year. This is just a sampling based on research and empirical data.
20 years ago this post would have been laughed at. Just about every private day school was under 24K. In fact, tack on lunch, sports fees, and transportation and you were barely scratching $20,000. But since 1997, the cost of private education has outpaced...just about everything. So if you are looking for value (notice I didn't say bargain), here are a few schools to check out: Washington International Academy is an Islamic Montessori school in Alexandria, VA that will give your wallet a rest topping out at $7,750 with a sibling discount to boot. Butler Montessori lets you get your move on in the classroom and the great oudoors for $18,400 or less. In fact, top price at this Darnestown, MD school gets less expensive after Pre-K. German International School Washington DC's highest tuition is in grade 12 at $20,685. Some people might spend that money just learning a foreign language, nevermind getting a world class education. St. John's College High School is a Catholic school in NW Chevy Chase with all the bells and whistles of the most expensive schools. At $19,175 per year, it's a heck of a value. Christ Episcopal School tops out at $19,565. Convenience Alert: If you work in downtown Rockville, Christ Episcopal is just a few blocks away in any direction. Gonzaga College High School is $22,100 and is a great landing spot if you want your son to know what service to others really means. Woods Academy  is what you get when you cross early childhood Montessori with top notch Catholic schooling. Oh and it's just $22,770. Westminster School makes me wonder how a school can charge $23,466 and have a campus that looks this good? If aesthetics aren't your thing, then get to know their attention to academic detail. The Academy of the Holy Cross comes in just under the wire at $23,905. Holy Cross graduates stellar girls ready to take on the world!


Written by DCschoolHUB

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  1. You can add Rochambeau The French International School to that list. of under 24K!
    Rochambeau offers the best of France’s early child education, along with the benefits of a multilingual education. Our comprehensive curriculum starting from age 2 through 12th grade gives students the a broad base knowledge, the ability to analyze and think critically, and an understanding of the world from different perspectives! If you are a French speaker or non, don’t overlook this opportunity to give your child a competitive advantage! Accepting applications on a rolling basis!

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