It’s The Final Countdown!

4 years ago


Tales from a Mom on the Search for a Private School! By “Mrs. Jane Schoolfinder” Jane is going to tell it like it is, not everyone likes that, so the anonymity as she searches for a school for her child is warranted (finger tapping, finger drumming, toe tapping, knee jiggling, pen clicking, hair twisting…) Are these sounds/actions familiar? These are my anxiety sounds!! The wait is killing me! Not much longer until decisions are mailed… How was this experience for you? It was difficult, heart wrenching, soul searching, and critical for me.  I feel like I absorbed a majority of the emotion. My husband… unphased!!! Yes, he was a huge part of the process, but he compartmentalized this as a task on his to do list. WHAT!!! This is our child’s future at stake! I was much more of the “feeler” through it all – but you know that. Sometimes I wish I could be more detached from things like this. I wish that I could move on from it and not think about it EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY! I cannot do that. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of things that he gets stuck on too, but these types of things (admissions) do not make that short list. I guess that is what makes us work. We have a balance in our relationship. I hope that these examples of working together and accepting each other, shine through to our children and they learn the art of working together and having a successful relationship.  I would hope that the lessons and values that we share as a family are the parts of my child that are evident in this process. We did all we could do to help our child through this process. Encouraging her true self to emerge during all the interviews and visits and encouraging the child we know and love intimately to show through. We have done what we can do, and now we wait. And wait. And wait. Can you tell it is killing me??


Written by DC School HUB

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