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Awesome! You made it. From this page you can accomplish a lot.

1. If you want to update your profile page click Manage Listing, then click Edit. That puts you on your profile page and will see 5 tabs. Each tab has self-guided questions and info boxes. The more you fill in, the higher your listing will land on searches.

2. Do you have an event coming up you want advertised on our calendar? Great, just click Submit an event above. Please note that basic or free accounts are only allotted 2 events per year.

3. If you are new and want to set up a brand new profile page click Submit Listing above.

4. Are you interested in partnering with education marketing experts and advertising with us? Email us at Advertise@DCschoolHUB.com

5. Any thoughts, questions, or concerns, get your message to all of us at wordpress@dcschoolhub.com

6. Oh, and if you want to change your password, scroll down and click settings.

Finally, if there’s additional information that would be helpful on this page, please let us know.



DC School HUB