River Farm Cooperative School

River Farm Cooperative School

River Farm Cooperative School is accepting students (K – 8) for next year. Located on S. King’s Highway in Alexandria, our school features small class sizes, lots of outdoor time, and mixed-age classes. Academics are rigorous and individualized for each student.

· Small classes (maximum of 13 students) taught by passionate professional teachers

· Dynamic learning with a focus on creative play, movement, nature, and being outdoors

· Field trips to the many museums, parks, and cultural centers of the DC area.

· Field studies and advocacy work for middle schoolers

· Multiple outdoor and movement periods built into the school day

· Spanish classes

· School meets Monday through Friday, 8:45AM – 3:00PM

Nysmith School for the Gifted

Nysmith School for the Gifted

Nysmith School for the Gifted believes that a world class education is a joy-filled experience. Every day it is our mission to make this happen for our students. Visitors to our school feel the energy from the first minutes they are in the building. Students are deeply engaged in an incredible variety of activities each and every day. On an “ordinary” day, you might see preschoolers on parade in their astronaut rocket boosters, kindergarteners paddling a canoe through the halls, first graders on a bird migration, Famous American second graders in full dress, third graders playing Greek games, fourth graders working with their robots in computer class, fifth graders dissecting fetal pigs, sixth graders behind tables in the trenches of World War I, seventh graders testing for their CPR/First Aid certificates, and eighth graders putting Victor Frankenstein on trial. Does this sound unusual? Then please come and see for yourself!

Along the way, we fit in grammar, math and reading skills, formal and creative writing, computer programming, science labs, student-created newspapers and yearbooks, clubs, dramatic productions, three bands, two choral groups, Book Fairs, Bingo Night, field trips, and lots of student-centered learning designed by passionate, and inspiring teachers. It is fun!! In fact, parents tell us over and over that their children refuse to go on vacation or miss school for anything…really….parents of young students and middle schoolers. Does this sound too good to be true? Please come and see for yourself!

To schedule a tour, please call Admissions at 571-308-2001 or email admissions@nysmith.com.

Feynman School

Feynman School

At Feynman School, we focus on real understanding, not rote learning. Kids tinker, get their hands dirty, think and question in a fun, dynamic setting.

We look for children with the high learning potential and appropriate maturity to thrive in a learning environment that is not only accelerated but in depth. As our students grow, our curriculum grows with them, with outstanding offerings in science, math, language arts, foreign language, music, drama, art and physical education. Our students gain higher-order thinking skills, enhanced creativity and an elevated understanding of the real world. Because we understand that young gifted learners are, first of all, children, we also build in plenty of time for unstructured activity and play.

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