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Mysa School

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Mysa School is a modern day version of a one room schoolhouse for students in grades K-5 at our Georgetown Campus and in grades 6-12 at our Bethesda Campus. At Mysa School each student has an individualized learning plan and uniquely tailored program of study. We emphasize learning outside of the classroom and take advantage of the resources in the greater DC area to discover, participate in, and learn about our world. To find out more or attend an Open House, please visit our website at or give us a call at (301)-915-0955 to schedule a private visit.

Our Head and Founder, Siri Fiske’s article titled, “A Better Way to Teach the Gifted–And Everyone Else”, was recently published in The Wall Street Journal for her innovative ideas on K-12 education, many of which are embodied in our school.

Basic Facts

    Age Range:
    K - grade 12

    Tuition: $20,000

    Mysa School is dedicated to creating a new model of schooling that is characterized by customization, collaboration, and curiosity. At Mysa School, caring adults work closely with students to build a tight-knit community in which students explore and understand the world. The school seeks to build a loving community of students and faculty who think critically and creatively and who value learning along with generosity of spirit.

    Available Hours:
    9:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Contact Details

  • Address: 8011 Woodmont Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814, USA
  • Zip Code: 20814
  • Phone: 410-991-6155
  • Website:

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  1. Whatever you do, do not enroll your child in this school.

    I went to this school for a full year, and though there were areas in which they were helpful, I have some grievances and suggestions to make.

    Earlier in the year, due to unfortunate health circumstances, I had to be admitted into a therapy center for anxiety/depression. During my time there, my mental health circumstances improved, and when they were deemed stable enough, I was discharged.

    This school, believing the opinions of medical professionals not to be accurate enough, then refused to let me return for another week, which was, as you can imagine, fairly detrimental to my mental health and healing process.

    While this would have been problematic enough on its own, they proceeded to also threaten to expel me, though I had not done anything at all to harm other students or staff.

    In addition, I struggled to learn much at all in this environment.

    Although the school was focused on minimising stress, which was useful, they seemed to forget to maximise education, as schools are generally expected to do.

    In previous years in a public school, I was a straight As and Bs student, whereas when I enrolled into MYSA school (whose math program is 90% online, on a math application called ALEKS), I noticed I was retaining far less information, and performed significantly worse in county-wide tests.

    Also, my math teacher wasn’t able to finish giving us a full year’s education of algebra because of our “busy schedules”, and had a plan to resume algebra for a few months in the beginning of the next school year. This just starts a cycle of students being behind in their math education.

    Furthermore, my family had to pay an additional hundreds of dollars in tutoring fees over this summer to get me back to grade school standards for the following year.

    Along with this, a certain teacher of mine, who was otherwise perfectly acceptable, voiced the opinion to me that she does not support LGBT+ people.

    This is an incredibly inappropriate statement to make to a student, especially with openly LGBT+ pupils in the room. I would hope teachers would be trained more effectively in future, as a statement like this which she could well make to other students more sensitive about this topic, could severely damage their mental wellbeing.

    I was scared into not speaking to them about these issues due to past events such as them threatening to expel me over hearing that I might write a mediocre review for them, which is a violation of my first amendment rights.

    I know there are many positive reviews on this school, but unfortunately, many of those who have had negative experiences have been too intimidated by the school system and staff to speak up.

    All in all, although I sought MYSA school for refuge over sexist harassment, I now feel I would’ve been better off staying in the public school system, as I learned much less in this school – and had to endure so much more from the teachers – than I would have in a public school setting.

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