What's the real value of Sidwell?

What's the real value of Sidwell?

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    We live in NW and are looking at a few schools for HS for our daughter. So many schools look great, but it seems that there are a small few that are a cut above. At least as a perception of reality.

    So my question is: What makes Sidwell Friends a cut above if, in fact, it is? I think it’s the most expensive school in the area. Is that it or do they have something tangible or experiential that makes them “the best”.



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    Sidwell has a lot to offer. We can start with the prestige that goes with it. Kids are confident learners there and have a leg up when it comes to college placement. That’s the superfluous stuff. At it’s core, it’s a timeless education. Heck, if it’s good enough for Presidents’ kids, it’s good enough for me.

    The trick is getting in. Even if you don’t there are a lot of other schools.

    Best of luck!

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    SF’s teachers are schoolars to say the least. It’s next to impossible to get a job there and only the best do. That what puts them on the top of the heap. Plus it’s an oasis in the big city. To be on campus you’d never know a bustling metropolis was inches off campus.

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    Sidwell is no longer the best school in the DMV. Far from it. It rests on having presidents’ kids and a name brand. The lower school remains strong, but the high school leaves a lot to be desired. They push advanced academics with little regard for students needing to learn how to be good people. A long cry from it’s Quaker roots.

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    Don’t hate because you were the part of the majority who were denied entry. It’s the best ticket to the next level and the academics are far beyond adequate to say the least.

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    Let’s get real, people. There’s a reason why every ivy is looking at Sidwell for students. They know they are the best of the best regardless of what you think about the curriculum, teachers, or anything else. Stop hating.

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