What if we don't get in

What if we don't get in

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    Hi CleveMay,

    Thanks for the email. We have a great high school counseling rep. working on an answer. Stay tuned…

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    That’s a quandary that many families have found themselves in over the years. Good for you, but bad for us: it’s getting easier as most of the big schools are accepting a higher percentage of their applicants. Shhhh, don’t tell. Hence my insider nickname on here.

    So, is there an update? Did you get into school 2…3…4…5???? I hope you were able to have a few great selections. I do have some sobering news: For the most part every school from that “S” one in DC to the smallest private school on the periphery of the DC area are about the same. Yes, some schools have more cache, they usually cost more money, but you’re going to get a similar education.

    So to your question: Yes, you can appeal a rejection, but be civil about it. We admission people don’t like the parents who feel entitled to a spot at our school. In fact, sometime we will reject a student based on the parents.

    If you are going to appeal have a good reason; not just because you said you really, really wanted to get in, but now you really, really, really want to get in. Overall there’s really no way to move up the list. The list is usually created with gender and diversity balance in mind — all things being equal.

    If you didn’t get into any of your schools it might be time to re-evaluate your student. If you applied to any of the big name DC schools and your student is a C student with middle-of-the-road SSAT, HSPT, etc., and doesn’t bring much to the table, you may be unrealistic about your expectations.

    Please write back if you’d like more information or would like to start a meaningful dialogue.

    Respectfully yours,


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