Potty Training Regression

Potty Training Regression

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    I’m hoping an expert can help me. My daughter is 4. She has been potty trained for about 14 months. We still help her with #2, but #1 hasn’t been a problem for a long time. Recently and without warning, she’s started to wet her pants and instead of getting embarrassed or upset she’s getting very angry at my husband and me that she doesn’t like having to go to pee and that her underwear is the problem. She won’t elaborate beyond that.

    It’s been going on for 8 days. It’s not every time she has to pee or every day. But when it happens she yells at us.


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    DC School HUB

    Hi Maggie90,

    We reached out to a few of our trusted adolescent specialists. They said that without seeing your daughter as a patient it’s unethical to provide feedback.

    If it’s helpful, we have a great list of DCschoolHUB trusted specialists you might want to contact:



    The DC school HUB Team

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    It comes and goes. We had a similar situation with our youngest son. He was cruising along for twoplus months and then and accident here and there became a very slippery slope. We were so on edge about it. Constantly asking him to go to the bathroom it really strained our time together.

    I don’t know too many kids over 5 who aren’t potty trained. In fact none. It will come and my advice is to get lots of underwear and patience.

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    Stared unusual prepare:

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