How do you know if a child care provider is "good" or not?

How do you know if a child care provider is "good" or not?

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    We have been looking for a quiet, small in-home daycare for our child. We’ve interviewed 3 and plan to interview another this evening.

    We like one a lot, but is she truly qualified? I’m not talking about a paper certification, I mean just how nurturing are they?

    Any help would be great!!

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    You are traveling down the same path I walked many years ago. We have 3 boys and with number 1 we did extensive research. For my family it rested on our gut and how forthcoming the child care provider – we opted for in-home child care – was in answering our questions.

    I vividly recall one who studdard when I ask how often she cleans the crib sheets as I was sure babies would share that space. She told me just when they got wet or messy. Not what I wanted to hear.

    At the end of the process we decided to pay extra for a woman who had a licensed colleague helping in her home. The two of them had 2 infant and 6 children ages 2 to 5. We were given the opportunity to speak with two families who had children there. Ironically we are still good friends with one of them and I still have the piece of paper on our fridge with her name and number.

    I hope this is helpful to you, Zoe. I’m excited for you!

    Warmest regards,

    Bobby (F)

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    Since children’s needs are dictated by their ages and stages of development, it would be helpful to know the child’s age. The definition of nurturing differs depending on children’s age and developmental stage. Choosing quality childcare is one of the most important life changing decision for parents. It is a decision that requires an investment of time conducting interviews (to include caregivers, checking references, and conducting site visits), careful evaluation of the providers’ qualifications (to include training and experience), and a significant financial investment. The assumption is that consideration to rate and hours of operations have already been address and it is now time to make a comparison. Next on the list is this question – How does one evaluate the value of one provider’s services over another? The short answer is the provider’s training, early childhood education, and experience.

    It is difficult to discuss a provider’s qualification without address the issue of quality childcare. Quality childcare begins with a program that is operating within regulatory guidance such as licensing or County permit with standards and compliance checklists. Since these checklist are based on children’s developmental needs, childcare industry research best practices and standards. As a parent, these are the tools I would use to measure qualification and quality services. The Virginia Department of Social Services has on this link to address the question of a publication on Why quality childcare matters? Additionally, at www, under the section Families there is a resource listing to help families in search of childcare. Also, here are a few areas in which you can objectively discern if this favored provider is knowledge and skilled at nurturing young children:

    Provider relationship and interaction with the children
    – How does the provider respond to the children?
    – Does she guide the children?
    – How does she enforce limits and boundaries?
    Home Setting both indoors and outdoors
    – Is the home set up to ensure children’s health and safety?
    – Is there sufficient space with a variety of age appropriate play equipment to comfortably needs of enrolled children?
    Learning Opportunities: Program/Daily Schedule
    – Is there a daily schedule/routine?
    – Are self help skills supported and encourage?
    – Do you see provider cuddling, engaging in conversation, and interacting with the children?
    – Does the provider offer opportunity to support children’s developments in key developmental domains to include: literacy, science, math, social and emotional, critical thinking, physical and fine motor skills?
    – The chosen provider should be sensitive to you needs as a parent jus as much as the needs of your child. How is her persona and temperament? Is she welcoming, friendly, energetic and flexible?

    Remember, there is no perfect program; the childcare search takes time. However, through observation and involvement, the selection process in the end will ultimately generate the desired result that is the right place for you and your child.
    Happy Parenting with wishes for much success!

    M Jackson
    Early Childhood Educator
    Jackson Child Care
    (703) 354-5913

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