Entitled Parents

Entitled Parents

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    I get it, private school parents and kid feel entitled when they are spending 20, 30, even 40 thousand a year per child on education. But as a teacher I cannot take it when the administration sides with the student/parents when they are completely in the wrong simply because they can donate more than my yearly salary.

    It’s not even a week into school and I’m already getting passive aggressive emails from my bosses about certain students.

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    How long have you been working at a private school? I’m going to guess more than 1 and less than 4 years? It’s pretty common, but knowing some teachers at private schools they no longer chase the paycheck (ha!), but move to schools where the leadership has a backbone and does not tolerate nonsense from big donor parents.

    ‘Even if your name is on the gym you don’t get to pick your kid’s teacher’ – A great head of school

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    I thought the recent blog was funny about Helicopter parents.


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    They are everywhere. If you can’t take the entitled heat. Get out of the kitchen. I’m on fire today!!

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