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    Could you tell me how much the parents play in whether or not a school accepts a student? Meaning, do students get rejected when parents are too involved in the process or expect too much from the school in question?

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    When we were looking for elementary/middle schools I had a friend working at the school. I sometimes tried to get her to tell me about the other families applying to our child’s grade, but she was good about staying mum. She did say one year that she didn’t think a certain student would get in based on one of the parents’ attitudes. I only brought it up because my child mentioned a “weird” kid who visited. Weird in that he was rude and didn’t get along with his shadow guide.

    So, to make a short story long — yes, I’m quite certain parents can be a deciding factor in whether a student is admitted or not.

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    Parents play a BIG role. Have you ever heard the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree? If you go in with an attitude like you are doing the school a favor by touring or ask ridiculously helicoptorish questions, you are putting your child at risk for the maybe pile or worse.

    Don’t mess things up for your kid.

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    +1 Parents do play a big roll. Be honest with the school and don’t make too many demands.

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    Candy Castellano

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