An example of the school match survey

An example of the school match survey

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    DCschoolHUB admin/experts:

    Can you give an example of the results parents get when they pay $89? I’m reluctant to pay the money if it’s just a few short sentences about schools I’m already considering for my DC.

    If anyone out there has gotten a survey result and cares to share, please post below.

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    DC School HUB


    First, sorry about your candidate.

    Second, yes, we’d love to share our expert results. We’ve redacted the names of the schools, however when you receive your results they will include the names. I hope this helps.

    Thanks so much for your thoughtful survey answers. Your location made it a bit difficult to find all that you are looking for. Your immediate area has several excellent schools, but are more traditional and religious in nature. However, we feel we’ve got some great matches for you!

    After carefully reviewing your survey results, the first school that came to our minds was XXXXX. Not too far from you, the school has a rich history as being inclusive as they were the first school to integrate in 1950. When I think of a school that really “walks the walk” when it comes diversity, they are the one. XXXXX is also a progressive school so learning by doing is the name of the game. They have financial aid for those who qualify and a program that fits what’s important to you. We would highly recommend you give them a call to set up a tour.

    YYYY is a bit further away and a bit more pricey, but another example of a very-student centered, hands-on learning experience. What sets YYYY a part from other schools is the extensive and very thoughtful field trip program. What better way to experience education than to actually be immersed in it. You can only learn so much inside the classroom, even from the greatest of teachers. It may not have the level of diversity you are looking for, but definitely worth the visit.

    Both schools have extended care, excellent technology programs, and small class sizes.

    We typically provide 3-4 options for parents, however we were convinced that one of the above two schools were by far the best choices for your child. That being said, here are two more that are likely to be out of your area, but still compelling choices:

    AAAAA and BBBBB are both progressive schools located in NW DC. With traffic, it’s likely to be a tough commute. AAAAA does not provide bus transportation and BBBBB does not bus to your area. Both have excellent science and technology programs. Based on your wants and likes it’s our belief that BBBBB is the better fit between the two.

    We hope this has been helpful!


    The DCschoolHUB Experts

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    I really like this service. I don’t know how many parents I meet that smile through gritting teeth when talking about their “new” school. A lot of buyers remorse or parents settling for the next best thing all the while hoping to get a last minute call that their dream school has accepted their child.

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