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Reply To: Moving from daycare to preschool – When?

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Switching from a daycare to preschool is a significant shift and kudos to you for getting another opinion. There are multiple things to consider here. The first is the difference between the daycare and the preschool. Depending on the program, preschool can look very similar to daycare. In switching to a daycare, what are the differences in structure? Is it really different from his previous care provider? What do you think that your child needs that he isn’t getting from the daycare? Although he seems to enjoy the more academic work of preschool, does he still find a lot of physical and emotional comfort from his providers? Are there other friends in his class that will also be transitioning? Is this something that the daycare helps prepare the kids for? If your child enjoys the “work” associated with preschool, but also needs that closeness of familiar adults, the daycare may be able to supplement. However, if he is becoming more independent, wants to explore, enjoys meeting new friends and teachers, etc then this may be the perfect time to switch. Be sure to prepare your child with reminders weeks in advance and encourage the daycare to do the same. Good luck and feel free to contact me directly if you have additional questions or concerns.

Samantha C. Sweeney, Ph.D.

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