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Hi NDToni 10 and LLGH2332,

Thanks so much for your questions. Please let us tackle them in one email:

Do schools allot a certain percentage of financial aid for minorities? We are not a minority family and I’m wondering if they take that into account or if it’s just our financials?

Some schools are what we called needs blind while others use financial aid for enrollment management. With needs blind financial aid your status with the school has nothing to do with your financial aid award. Simply speaking, your need for aid has nothing to do with your admission status. Other schools try to provide more aid to areas needed. For example, if there is a need for minority females in the middle school there’s a chance that more money will go to those students. Not to say that they will over give, but the budget will focus on bringing in those types of students.

When do most schools close financial aid? I’m looking over the process and it looks like you need to have you taxes done by February 1 or thereabouts. Do most people find this difficult to do?

Schools post their due dates on their websites. If you have questions I strongly suggestion contacting the financial aid department or director for advice. The process can be daunting, but it’s an important piece for schools today, so please don’t feel intimidated and certainly don’t feel ashamed to contact the right person at the schools you are applying to.

I’ve always said it’s a bit ridiculous to expect families to have there taxes done after 30 days, particularly those that own their own business. Best bet: talk to the financial aid professional at your school to see when they really need all the pertinent information.

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