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Hi EllisPW,

Our apology for the non-response. We hope you moved on to a great daycare. We sprung into action when we realized we had not followed up on your questions.

This is from “J” our resident childcare center director. For those who don’t know “J” prefers to remain anonymous for the protection of the kids and staff in his/her care.

In my opinion there are three main things to look for…

1. The demeanor and customer service of the Center Director and staff. When visiting centers you want to look for the same treatment you’d expect at a 4 star restaurant. A warm greeting, an attentive and concerned staff and top notch meal…of education. The desire is to have your child in a caring environment that is offering a great menu of educational choices and willing to adjust to your specific tastes within reason.

2. CLEANLINESS. Most child care centers that house a decent amount of children vend cleaning services two to three times a week. If you know anything about children and learning-it gets messy. Teachers are taught to teach AND clean their hearts out. It’s vital in an environment where children often use their mouth as a third leg/arm.

3. Reviews. I won’t suggest a specific site to use for center reviews, but most parents who publicly submit them rarely flub on their child’s experience. In addition, all centers registered in a state (or district) have any and all violations posted online for public use.

Red flags: Unfriendly admin and staff. Unclean centers (check from the lobby to the curb). Multiple violations-you will rarely find a center with no violations but it also doesn’t hurt to print them out and ask about when you visit.

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