Reply To: Is there a test to see which kind of education is best for my child?

Reply To: Is there a test to see which kind of education is best for my child?

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Lisa Lenhart

There really is not a single test that will help identify the type of learning environment that will be best for a particular child. When children receive a comprehensive evaluation, one of the main goals is to determine how a child learns best such that teaching strategies can then be used that will capitalize on a child’s strengths. But not all children need a comprehensive evaluation. To try to determine what learning environment is best for your child, one of the key tools will be observing your child and how he/she learns. Does he prefer to listen to someone tell him how to do something or does he prefer to try to figure it out on his own? Does he prefer to follow a structured set of directions or does he approach a new task in a more trial and error approach? Does he like to watch how something is done or listen to someone tell him how it can be done? Is he naturally curious and always trying new things? Or does he stick to the tried and true? Does he always like things to be the same way (reflecting strong memory and reliance on memory) or does he prefer things to be less predictable?

If you observe how your child learns and how they approach new or novel situations, problems, and tasks, then you will have a much better understanding of the type of environment that would be conducive to learning. Researching different options, visiting the schools, and talking to teachers about their teaching methods and strategies will then allow you to make the best choice for your child.

Dr. Lisa Lenhart, Ph.D.; Child Psychologist

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