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Must haves for my son were as follows. It’s fresh on our mind as we just went over everything. He’ll be going to HS next fall:

1. Good sports teams. He’s big into sports and most of the schools in the area are comparable academically, but not athletically. He realizes that the better the sports team the harder it will be for him to get on the team and even plan. We are realists.

2. Distance from home and commute. It’s the DC area so we know 5 miles isn’t 10 minutes. We looked at school right around us.

3. Cost. Not so much for him but for us and with another one a few grades lower we need to consider this if we want him to go to college.

4. Community. Will we all feel a part of a community. Chance to get to know everyone.

5. Academics. Yes, it’s the most important, but if a school can’t match the academics of his last school it’s off the list.