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I was waiting for one of our parents to answer, but from experience I’d strongly suggest what we lovingly call, ‘the gift of time’. While your child and many children may seem, and actually be, ready for kindergarten at 4.10 years old, you need to look at the social/emotional aspect of it as well.

Children come into K from many different kinds of preschools. Some may be more play-based, while others are more academic in nature. Factor in the child’s natural intelligence and home life and you may have a student entering K who’s reading at a 1st grade level while the student sitting next to him/her is still learning letter sounds.

But wait! Academics is just one piece of the puzzle. Developmentally, your child MAY not be prepared. He/she may be reading the words, but can he/she comprehend what is being read? Can your child handle the rigors of a full day at school? Maybe for a few days.

My suggestion is and for the most part always will be to NOT rush into K. If skipping a grade needs to happen, let it be in the later grades when you are ABSOLUTELY sure it’s the right move.