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Wendy Taylor

Great question! A little bit goes a long way when it comes to enrichment activities during the summer months. For math practice, kiddos can work to solidify multiplication/division concepts using homemade fact family practice strips. Kiddos will identify which of the 4 numbers does not belong in the fact family. Then he’ll create multiplication/division sequences using the remaining numbers to show how the numbers are related. Another idea would be to have your 3rd grader help with the grocery list. He’d need to account for all necessary items within a set budget–real world concepts help to show kiddos how math helps outside of the classroom. Reading enrichment should involve comprehension, vocabulary, the ability to summarize and find the main idea, etc. try reading age-appropriate books, articles, or even a video. Ask questions that prompt basic comprehension and recall. Then ask more critically-based questions like, “why do you think the character made that decision?” “Who/what caused the initial conflict?” “Have you ever experienced something similar?” “What character traits remind you of yourself or others?” Encourage reading as much as possible by creating a small block of time where anyone at home reads quietly and then shares their favorite parts.

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