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How to Submit a Late Application to Private Schools

by Liz Yee, Director of Admission, Lowell School

Oops, I Missed the Deadline!

As the school year comes to a close, are you worried that your child’s school just isn’t the perfect fit? Not sure when your young child would be ready for school? Moving to a new school district, or to the United States from out of the country? Did you apply to a private school but your child did not get in? For many reasons, you might need to find a placement for the upcoming school year.

If you are you coming to the private school search late in the game, don’t despair! You are not alone and, in fact, there are many reasons to be encouraged about the late admissions process, as well as resources to help.

Why Some Private Schools Have Unexpected Openings This Time of Year

Contracts Aren’t Binding Yet

A lot of private school parents have already enrolled their child and put down a deposit to secure their space. In most cases the deposit is non-refundable, but there is a “grace period,” after which, contracts become binding, and parents are required to pay full tuition for the school year. In that window of time, spaces sometimes become available—a child might be offered a space off a wait list at another school, a public or charter school option might have become available, and, of course, families do move out of the area.  READ MORE

Strong Study Habits

By Suzanne Burns, Learning Specialist, Congressional School

Imagine if your student no longer lost sleep over an upcoming test, or had more time to enjoy fun activities.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your child could enter the classroom knowing she is fully prepared for class?  Would you like her to finish projects ahead of time? If any of this sounds appealing to you…read on.  By taking a little time to learn some new study strategies, your child can become more successful in many areas of her schoolwork.

There are a variety of good study techniques and ways for students to become more organized.  Look at a variety of strategies, and work together with your child to decide which strategy works best. Working together allows for student buy-in, which is critical in order for any new study system to last. READ MORE


Wedding Dresses and Private Schools

by Avery Lawrence, Hipster EduBlogger

What’s got some DC area families so down this spring? Maybe it is the April showers or the high pollen count for some. For others is a bit of buyers remorse to the tune of +/- $30,000.

What did they remorsefully purchase for thirty large? A brand new 2017 Nissan PathfinderA dream wedding?? Nope, it’s private school buyers remorse!

Now the last car I bought was in 2011 and it was less than 30K. I don’t plan on purchasing a new one for 3-4 more years unless I have to. I’m not married yet (….Tim!!!), but most of us ladies only want to do it once. So it better be the best wedding ever… or the right color Pathfinder. In fact, a friend just had a wedding and she LOVED her dress from the first time she saw it up to the final fitting. Then she was looking through a catalog and found a dress she loved EVEN MORE…2 weeks after her wedding on the way home from her honeymoon. After that she was obsessed with buying that dress and redoing her wedding photos. Talk about buyers remorse!*

I’m hearing the same from friends and neighbors who recently committed to the private school lifestyle. But during the courting admission process they liked and followed all of the schools on social media to which they were applying. For some, choosing the schools they accepted was a tough decision. For others, not so tough. But now they see amazing things happening at those schools that are flowing through their social feeds: New buildings being erected. New programs being installed. Eye-catching videos. Kids laughing and learning. Sports teams winning championships. Etcetera.

Ugh!!! Did we choose the right school?

Yes, in most cases you chose the right school. When you are dating 4 men (maybe even all at once ;)) and then finally settle down with THE ONE of course those other guys start to look better (especially when they grow a manbun and manageable beard…just my thing…are you listening, Tim!?!).

In conclusion, be happy that you can afford private school and stop looking at Ex’s (schools that declined your kid and ones you declined) online!!

*She didn’t end up buying the dress, but it took a lot to convince her it was a bad idea.