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By “J”, a Child Care Center Director
For the safety and security of the children and to provide a “real” perspective on child care, “J” has chosen to remain anonymous….for now.

It’s unnatural for adults.

It’s abnormal-if you will.

Thank God for children.

It’s incredible when you put some thought into the fact that children are born unbiased. They come into the world non-corrupt. Unscathed human beings. I find joy in seeing kids doing something that so many years of civilized existence could never produce – unity. Strong word huh? It’s a powerful word and an even stronger act. From toddlers to pre-k children I see children play, work, and most impressively stick together. Never underestimate the power of a connection built on the love of Transformers. I’ve meet many princesses in my early educational day, but to see so many work together is a rarity indeed.

I did a classroom observation last week for one of the preschool classrooms. I say my hellos and hugs as I enter and try to fade into the wall to watch the learning take place. Centers/Areas were set with theme related tasks and the students went to their chosen areas. A decent mix of boys and girls begin to communicate on the task at hand. White, Chinese, African-American, Samoan, they all work together. They laugh, they debate, they ask questions, they unite. After a few minutes the children regroup with new partners and start the dance all over again.

The innocence of not knowing bias is…productive. READ MORE


Transparency from Schools

Don’t you want to see where your money is going?

by Trevor Waddington, DCschoolHUB Founder 

Six years ago, parents lined up outside of independent schools to be the first to greet the head of school or admissions director, hoping to make a good first impression on behalf of their young one. They would then sit waiting, hoping to be one of the lucky few to be accepted.

How do you get accepted? It used to be who you knew. Did you have a friend on the board? Maybe a neighbor who teaches there? When the letter came in early March, the next few seconds were filled with either excitement or disappointment. Knowing that the next three, nine, even 14, years would not be at the school you had envisioned your child attending can be a difficult pill to swallow.  READ MORE


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