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DCschoolHUB is the ultimate resource in your search for the best DC area daycares, preschools, private schools and independent schools. What you’ll find here:

  • Every known daycare, preschool, and private school in the Washington, DC, area aka the DMV,
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ec830e27-0c30-43c5-8441-38fb7e690280The ‘Frozen’ Obsession

by Dr. Samantha, C. Sweeney, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist,

If you have a child under the age of 10, chances are that you have seen Disney’s Frozen. In fact, it is more than likely that you’ve seen it multiple times and know every single song by heart. It’s even possible that you have been woken up by hearing your child sing ‘Let It Go’ at the top of his or her lungs very early in the morning (this may or may be a personal experience). I love the following article because it really helps us, as parents, understand, and therefore better tolerate, this obsession. I really like that the authors acknowledge the internal struggle of preschoolers, comparing it to Elsa’s emotional struggle. This is also true for older children-reconciling your inner feelings with your outer behavior is hard no matter what one’s age. I also feel that children identify with Anna as well. A girl who is torn in different directions and ultimately chooses the love of her sister over her own emotional needs (spoiler alert!). Sibling relationships are defined by closeness and conflict-this movie really resonates with children because it very accurately portrays that delicate balance.

So if you can stand it, watch ‘Frozen’ one more time and try to see it from your child’s point of view. It may just be you who ends up belting out ‘Let It Go’ before you’ve had your coffee.  READ MORE

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

By Joseph E. Powers, The Woods Academy, Head of School

Most of us parents were taught math a certain way. Like the vow we take in marriage, for better or worse, how we learned math was better or worse. It was black and white and there was very little critical thinking involved. Computation was king. In marriage, we know for better or worse means there is give and take and it is a relationship that works because two people make it work. There is no one formula to make it work, rather, there are many variables that factor into making it work.

Math, today, is not much different. Math as we knew it has changed. For all you parents out there, try and solve the problem in the picture below. This is the work the 5th graders are doing in math now.


 Can you solve it correctly? While computation is very important, critical thinking has rightfully made its way more front and center in math work these days. This is not a bad thing at all.  READ MORE