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From the Desk of “J”, a Child Care Center Director…

stock-illustration-44973366-cartoon-letter-jBy “J”, a Child Care Center Director

For the safety and security of the children and to provide a “real” perspective on child care, “J” has chosen to remain anonymous….for now.

I have worked in child care for years. From the start to now I have always been asked by parents “got any kids, J?” I’ve always replied “no, but as your Center Director I count your kids as mine.”

In a way, that is true beyond a promotional child care line. For 8, 10, even 12 hours (more often than not) I feel completely responsible for someone else’s kids. I worry, watch, suggest, guide, help, support, and love kids while mom and dad work hard to pay the college like tuition.

At the end of the day I send my day kids home to their nightly parents and start the process all over in again in a few hours. As much as you take with you internally, externally there is a very real business side. Childcare for profit is the line one has to draw for the sake of one’s job, and it’s understood.

Its funny how one slight bump…bump….bump…bump…can change things. Friday September 5th I became a parent slash Child Care Director. My family’s first sonogram took place and I cried like a baby with no shame and a high flag waving with one word on it…Parent. That bump was our baby’s heartbeat and that thud was me feeling the full brunt of “I’m about to be a parent.”

I’m going to be one of them. Read More         

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