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DCschoolHUB is the ultimate resource in your search for the best DC area daycares, preschools, private schools and independent schools. What you’ll find here:

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STEM-Logo5 Components of a Comprehensive STEM Program

By: Jennifer Schmerling and Dr. Alexis Soffler, Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School

How Do You Evaluate the STEM Program at Your Child’s Elementary School?

The momentum of STEM education and initiatives has increased rapidly due to the growing awareness of its significance to our society. But what is STEM and STEM education, and why is it vital for the future of our children? The acronym STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math and STEM education refers to exposing students to these integrated fields and their everyday applications. STEM education in the elementary years cultivates a love of inquiry, innovation, and research, while developing perseverance – a key ingredient for success in studies and in life. When students take part in STEM projects and learning, they are gaining valuable technological and engineering design skills as well as planting a “seed of interest” to pursue future STEM careers.

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce Economics and Statistics Administration (ESA), between 2001 and 2011 growth in STEM jobs has been three times greater than growth in non-STEM jobs. Additional statistics support the finding that STEM employees earn 26% more than their non-STEM peers. Unfortunately, our country is experiencing a deficit in the number of professional engineers and technologists available to solve problems and enter the STEM workforce. The promotion of STEM topics in our elementary schools can and will help solve that problem.

When evaluating your child’s elementary school’s STEM program, think about the top five components of our comprehensive STEM program and whether or not your child’s school offers them.  READ MORE

Lisa Lenhart

6 Ways for Kids to Beat the Winter Blues

by Dr. Lisa Lenhart, Ph.D.; Child Psychologist

Kids like to be active- but with colder weather, darkness coming earlier, and fewer outdoor activities, it is easy to slide into the slump of winter blues. Exercising and being active are key components for both physical health and for emotional health. Helping kids find ways to continue to be active during the winter months can help offset a depressed mood and physical ailments. Here are some ways to foster activity and movement in your kids during these shorter winter days:

1. Consider the creative and active use of music- most children enjoy listening to music. To liven it up, begin to dance with your kids as they play their music. See who can make up the best dance to a song. Be silly and have fun while doing this and your kids will be more likely to join in the experience.

2. Use of active games on the Wii- although you don’t want all movement or action coming in response to a video game, the use of Wii sports games can encourage physical movement. Play a game of tennis, or baseball, or basketball with your child. Let your child choose the sport he or she likes best, take turns choosing the game to play, and track improvement in game performance. Or, enroll in a winter sports camp to maintain fitness for the preferred sport.

3. Despite the cold, walking outside can be invigorating. Taking a walk with your child is likely to be the best way to encourage them to go for a walk. Along the way, you can engage in a treasure hunt with younger kids (find acorns or pine cones, spot a bird), or simply engage in conversation with your older children. If you have a dog for a pet, your child may already be used to going for walks outside; in this case, walking with your child could longer walks.  READ MORE